Photofeed In Macrophotography - Three Picture Collaborations in One Article

I am back to working in a small article here
On this occasion it was perfect with several objects that I published in cryptocurrency based media. And this is a very special edition from me.
Very rarely do I make a collaboration of three objects and I add another separate object, dragonfly, I intentionally did not make four collaborations for my main image. Of course there is a strong reason for me.
My reasoning is this: it's too conspicuous if I combine four at a time and the image can also be destroyed, this is the reason I don't combine four at once in my main picture.
But on this occasion I picked up a title that wasn't very popular either, but a very unique title that I gave,
Photofeed In Macrophotography - Three Picture Collaborations in One Article
The title that I raised in my small article / mini article on this occasion is very reasonable too, with the appearance of the picture I took with my macro lens is very good and the contrast was very perfect.
Searching for objects on this occasion was as usual as I did by entering a small forest to look for objects that were more perfect and with the available equipment I managed to aim with good quality.


See the main picture of me by making a three-dimensional writing and a few words from my title.


The next picture I attach is a picture of my own shots using a macro lens that I have.
I am not a professional photographer, but I keep trying to aim perfectly and I really want to be able to continue to improve my post towards the professional.
I know that : That effort will not betray the results.
These are words of wisdom that I will hold in all my writing activity, I strongly believe that they will be beautiful in their time.
A view of my little yellow flower is very nice and very perfect, almost all lines are visible, including the fuzz that is on the flower stalk above,
But no less beautiful are the other flowers below and every picture I always try is different from the previous picture.


This is the picture above with a slight sideways comparison of the previous image and this is also very good with all the clarity,
In taking pictures only one thing that we always pay attention to is about our focus point that must be accurate and don't shake the camera at all.
And the second thing we must pay attention to is the picture of the results before publishing, that we also need to take care of carefully.


As I wrote before, each of my pictures is always different from the previous picture. Look at the picture above.
And in the picture above I can explain that the flower buds are the point of focus of my lens and clearly with everything very clear and accurate.




Next to me were three dead forest flowers that had only left beard flowers that had almost collapsed, and I also aimed directly with three different aspects.
When I first saw this forest flower, I was very surprised by the fact that his beard was almost collapsed in the afternoon wind and I immediately rushed to take the picture.
Business never betrays results
It is so perfect and so fantastic with these three images that are so perfect, all the flower grafts and all the stems clearly visible.
With great enthusiasm from me and with full of hope I can find and perpetuate it in my media.
My satisfaction also continues on the way home and I also find a gamvar flower bud that has withered, see the picture below.


The picture above I found when I returned / came out of the forest and I accidentally saw a forest flower that had withered and, as usual I immediately sat down to take the focus point of my camera, that's the result above.
Apparently my adventure was not finished in the picture above the forest flower buds, but when I wanted to be almost on the road I saw a small green dragonfly and I was interesting and wanted to have a picture of him too and here's one more picture from me.


That is a picture of a green dragonfly that I got on the edge of the small forest that I entered.
The forest indeed saved millions of hidden beauty and I managed to find some beautiful moments of the forest on this occasion,
I also need to explain a little that ,,,, all the pictures and all the contents of the writing are the originals of my own work and hopefully all of them enjoy and be entertained.


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