Shoot In The Best Five Different Objects In MacroPhotography Post 1

Mini article from me Back I put out on this very beautiful opportunity.
Previously, I greeted all my friends, greetings and happy greetings to everyone ...
Maintaining our health is essential for achieving the dream of success on our happy days with family and all of our closest friends.
The world of blockchain has changed my lifestyle everyday, in an uncertain atmosphere like now, a tense atmosphere that continues to pervade the world (often called covid-19)
But I will not be too long to tell about it / the one with the mereng written above, but I remain focused on what is contained in my picture below.
From the beginning I really loved writing and almost every day I write in my diary about my own personal life,
The atmosphere changed after I got to know the world of cryptocurrency-based social blockchain. All my hobbies can continue to channel here / even in all social media based on cryptocurrency.
My hobby distribution place is accommodated perfectly and I am very diligent in following all the positive things in this world.
The change in my writing mechanism has changed drastically now, if in the past I was just making up with events about my daily life with my family or friends, but now I am writing there must be a combination with pictures, this is the difference.
But I migrated with the combination of pictures with writing, making it very comfortable with all this and I can multiply the storyline, of course in accordance with the picture.
In this case I am now directly entering the story that concerns my post
As usual in terms of my content search, it's not too difficult and I just have to sacrifice a few hours to be able to deliver a quality post.
  • The first stage
In the first stage I had to enter the forest as usual to look for objects, either in the form of inanimate objects or living objects.
I describe a little about the two sources of objects, for example, I mention living objects, such objects are small animals in the forest, and the second is inanimate objects, inanimate objects such as small flowers, landscapes and there are still many that are related to inanimate objects.
  • Second stage
This stage is the stage that determines everything, this is the stage for selecting images for my post,
I can get a lot of pictures, but not all of them I can show du ost me,
This is interesting for us to see in my writing. Because in the process of choosing the image must be professional, so that can be born a post that deserves support, and I continue to improve about this.
  • Third phase
I have explained the two stages above, but this third stage also determines everything, namely the stage of writing well and regularly.
The combination of writing with pictures and describing the description of each picture requires full concentration and knowledge that is established by the mastermind behind it.
Those are the three stages in terms of making a post from me and this is very much my concern now.


Pink wild flowers

The special thing that was continued step by step that I made into a small article / mini by selecting one of the many pictures that I published was the main picture / picture at the front of the post.
One interesting thing is that a post also depends on the main picture or often called thamneil. For example I gave an example in other media, such as YouTube, the main image is prioritized to make it look attractive.
I mentioned that something special is stuck in the main picture in each of our posts.
However, that does not mean the next picture is not good, look at the other images below.


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers


Pink wild flowers

As many as eight of my drawings about wild flowers are pink from me and all the pictures have advantages and differences in each picture.
The style and shape and sides of my focal points are all different and this flower is very often found, especially in small forests that are protected from grass-eating animals.
And I get the picture from the flower above a little difficult, this is due to the very strong afternoon wind during my shooting process.
But I remain patient waiting for the wind to stop, so I can find the perfect focus point. And my patience gets very maximum results.


Three Color Insects / Wild Animals


Three Color Insects / Wild Animals


Three Color Insects / Wild Animals


Three Color Insects / Wild Animals

The next four pictures from me are also very perfect, this is a forest insect type animal, and this animal is also very wild during the shooting process.
Barrier prayers that keep me in the process of breeding these three-color insects. These two obstacles made me very overwhelmed.
  • First overwhelmed
I had to be patient for a while while waiting for the wind to blow in the afternoon and I was frustrated waiting for him, this too I was very worried that I could get a picture of this type of insect
Just the name of wild animals / living objects, and added again with a very strong wind, that is a moment of concern from me.
Patience is the main thing in solving an obstacle, this is what my teacher said during school.
But the next challenge is not too complicated, because I have passed the above challenges with living objects, and I aim for five omore dead objects to complete my article on this occasion.See below.


Wild White Color


Wild White Color

Two pictures of white wildflowers that are very beautiful and very charming, and the focal distance of this image is about 5cm distance from the existing tutoring focus.


Wild Forest Flowers Yellow Already Wilted


Wild Forest Flowers Yellow

The other two pictures above are also a perfect decoration from me in terms of completing a mini-article of mine and the diversity and image enhancement to be a very financial thing.
The two pictures above clearly look a little blurred the second, it is due to light and wind friction shake which cut the picture a little blurry.
Clearly formed and the direction directed from my camera and the distance from my focus point is around 3-4cm away.


Wild Flowers With a Mustache Cat

A form and application that is very good from me and all looks very neat in almost all lines in this post.
Just look, the combination and adjustment of the composition of both the picture and my writing, of course all this is not very easy and not difficult too.
Visibility and distance of focus and the unification of the writings are some of these things we need to work on and the strophe of all the writings is the most important thing in the overall arrangement.

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