Shoot Three Objects In One Bouquet In Front Of The Neighbor's House Next Door

I am back again with other content.
Being active in thinking about writing or often called writing is already an obligation for me every day. In fact, I always focus on continuing to produce extraordinary content here.
Social media now is my inspiration to imagine collaboration with images in writing, and writing is my hobby since childhood. And I now have very many opportunities to be able to keep writing.
Channeling hobbies is a privilege for me
And I am not too difficult and not too difficult in terms of creating essays, a hobby is a very positive thing to be able to continue to channel to our positive direction.
"So I also explained a little that do not be surprised if my friends see my writing or information at every opportunity that is very long in describing it".
But on this occasion I made an ordinary post but the contents were very sensational in unification, both in my image and writing.


Pink Rose

On different occasions, different content that I was looking for, and search for my content on this opportunity is not too difficult, this is because the object that I chose is in a yard of my next door neighbor's house.
Seeing a flower yard, I immediately went and brought my macro lens to aim at the object.
It takes a few moments in the education process on this occasion. This is because the interest is interest, and if small animals need good concentration, they can get it.
"The pink flower is above the distance from my lens about 3cm away and the size of my image is perfect for placing it on the first surface of this post".


Pink Rose


Pink Rose

Two more images above are only differences with the first picture is the distance or focus points are different and there are also differences in the shape of the sides.
"That difference also becomes an art point in terms of producing different types of images and this is the art point I mentioned above."
And not just three pictures that I got on this occasion, there are a few more pictures below that are no less beautiful than the pictures above.

Like my writing above, look at my next picture below with the same flower, just a different color.
But in the photo below I am intentional in the process of shooting with different techniques ...
Of course the difference is on the side of the taking and I deliberately took the position by blurring the edges of the flower or the object that was aimed at me.


Rose Flower Orange Color


Rose Flower Orange Color

The two pictures above I did a shot with a point of art in terms of blinding some flowers, and it is clear that the art of shooting above is different from the previous picture
Trying to make a difference is my top priority in each of my posts, this is especially my friends can check my personal blog.
The difference in shooting main thing
Every distribution of posts,, I always make a meaningful difference. I do this for a reason, of course.
Maybe everyone understands the direction and purpose I am conveying. One of my reasons is to maintain my own boredom in every content that I put out.
I still prioritize being able to give birth to popularity for myself, and I also believe in being able to continue creating all quality posts.


Pink Rose / Blossom 60%

The picture above clearly shows a single red rose that is not yet in full bloom. I estimate that only about 60% of the existing blooms.
And there is also another one of the same type, but this is only a pistil that has not bloomed, it is very beautiful to look at.


Pink Rose / Blossom 0 % (pink rose flower pistil)

It is in accordance with all my arguments above from me, I really like the difference in all of my gamvar, in addition to being a satisfaction for myself it can also be with differences in gamar can I multiply the description in each picture.
Illustration of the image is a reference to writing that we can distribute text that supports the presence of images.
Never a good essay, without any clarity from every picture that we publish. This is my guideline in terms of giving birth to an original content based on various aspects.


Orange chicken flower flower

Due to the extremely bright light, my last picture looked pink, but in fact the gamvar was orange.
I continued to improve all aspects and all aspects continued to improve in order to give birth to a mini article from me.
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