A walk on the mountain (photo story)

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A walk on the mountain

I always enjoy being in nature
Unfortunately, most of the big cities we live in
don't provide us with that opportunity.

So, when I get the chance I try to take advantage of the free time and take a walk in nature, spend some moments of relaxation, fun and a little bit of fatigue, because I think we are unused to walking in these conditions

having been used to a modern way of life where the comfort of moving around is provided by technology I think it has cut us off from our human nature quite a bit

fortunately the city where I live despite the sea which is quite easily accessible, offers moments in nature such as the mountain, it is a little further away of course but accessible even by public transport

So, when I arrived at the place the first image I saw was this

a pure mountain nature

you can click on any photo in order to see the image in full screen

starting to explore the place the feeling was like being lost in the forest but in such a good way

suddenly all worries disappeared and I was leaving only in the present, leaving myself in the magic of nature

I could liken it to a form of meditation, but this is the feeling of being in the vibrations of nature

This is our nature and these should be our rhythms

the sounds of waters are always relaxing when you encounter them

it is no coincidence that the body of an adult human, depending on age and sex, consists of water in a percentage of 45% to 65%.

and most fascinating is that our brain and our hurt consists of water in a percentage of 75%

Studies have shown that water is a living organism,carries informations, reacts and its structure changes depending on the emotions of each individual person

to be in front of lakes gazing at this wonderful olive green colour

always relaxes me and gives me a sense of freedom as my eyes can travel far away without being violently interrupted by buildings

water is not only beneficial but is also quite picturesque

especially when found in nature in various small paths
crossing the ground in harmony with the various stones

I think nature is the greatest artist - painter

as I said before, there is no greater artist than nature and an artist can create art from many things.

So nature despite being a great painter is also a great sculptor

as for the last part i left some tree trunks that really look like someone has carved them

All photos have been taken with Nikon Coolpix S3600

This was a walk on the mountain, I hope you enjoyed my post and that I gave you some of the feeling through my photos


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I agree with you that is different from usual photos with sea and sun and rocks, that you have in your posts. That is another side of nature, that I also love. Especially in sunny hot summer that is the best place to go, in the cool forests. Agree with you sound of running stream brings peace to our soul and mind. Especially the walks with children in such places are great and memorable, as they discover every step something interesting for them and asking hundreds of questions :)

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So glad to see you @art-venture :)

You're absolutely right, we all have memories of when we first explored nature as children....images and objects as we saw them for the first time but mostly feelings and more specifically feelings of freedom,joy and completeness

These are some unique memories that every parent should give their children when given the opportunity

i'm always grateful for the support...thanks a million :)

wow, fantastic photos, thanks for sharing!


glad you like them,thanks for commenting...very kind of you!