Selfie time at the beach

3개월 전

Yes, every buddy often takes a selfie, but before i get to that first the struggles i have often photographing on the beach.
I love landscape photography and if the weather is a little extreem i love it more.
But when is see a picture of an empty beach it seems like it's missing something.

if people are walking on the beach i try to make them part of my composition but they normally don't walk where i want them to walk.

I often do try to make a picture of them. like this one, it worked out for me because of the reflection but the rule of third and horizon in the center doesn't apply on this picture.


IMG_9348 regel 3.jpg

Even the golden ration ore the Fibonacci Spiral doesn't fit well, but it come close, mabye that's why this works.(Photoshop skills 1,0 😋)

IMG_9348 golden.jpg

But if i take a selfie i have more controle of the outcome. My camera is the Canon 6D mark II and you can connect him to te canon connect app on you mobile phone. That way you can control te camera from a distance. It works very well and from a far distance to. 20, 30 meters works perfect. Its has got a little delay but you get used to it.

Then its possible to take pictures like this.


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Hi Peter, nice to see you in our community and to see your beautiful photos. The sky looks like having some rain clouds but nevertheless it is a great to have some walk at seaside to enjoy wind, salt in the air and peace.

By the way, I have noticed that you are using few tags that are not active on Steemit since Hive created some of the communities left like #ocd, #curie, #qurator, #gems and #appics.

While on Steem and Steemit platform the Steemit Team encourage and support #steemexclusive works that are not copy-pasted on Hive or Blurt. That is one of the tags that you can use if you post exclusively on Steem. Not necessarily everything but some of your posts.

We have a @booming account that we also use to reward Steem exclusive works too.

Wishing you nice Sunday evening, @stef1


I cant keep up, don't know where to post what any more. PeakD, Leofinance, Steem, Hive.... 🤯 i know i am done wit FB so i am lookin what works the best for me. Exclusive content on every blog is like working a day job. I want to find out what content works the best on wat platform. i am just a n00b :p

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