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Steemit users, first off take my love, today i am going to show you some another drawing.Hope everyone well. i just draw it by the dry pencil with different color. This picture o draw is a picture of love. The boy and girl tries to feel the weather of rain. It shows the story of these two person. i love to see woman in long hair ,that's why i add a big hairy girl. the color of the boys shirt is my favorite color.i used it for suit in this picture. There i added a tree and it looks very beautiful in the drawing.Rainy day is always favorite to me. In our country, Now its rainy season. So i planned to make a drawing of rainy day.



know i love drawing so i just do that as my passion. hope you like this.I had a dream to be a good artists.but don't know what will happen in future. I hope you liked my picture in steemit.

I run a Instagram id where i post my all drawing. if you wish you can visit my profile hope you have a good time if you visit my Instagram id.

My Instagram id :
Its my own Instagram id. If you want to verify then you can do this.



I am trying to follow WORLD OF XPILER. God knows how i am responsible in my work. If you like my post please reply me and give me my problems where i posted. And apology for my fault.
Please follow my posts and i am sure you had a great time. Love you all and take care.

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Hi STEEMIT friends Good Afternoon.
Awesome post on Steemitblog.
i made a post here and on my blog
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thanks for cooperation

Hi friend, what a beautiful drawing, I love the girl's hair looks very alive. The rain looks so real and you show in the drawing that you enjoy it! Greetings and thanks for sharing.

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