Early autumn.

5개월 전

Stories from the north, August 26.


A hike after work looking for blueberries. Not much to find, but a nice walk. The nature has started preparing for the winter. The vegetation have started the change of colour, a week or two the green is gone. If lucy with the weather we can enjoy a colour explosion in yellow, orange and red.





Nygårdsfjellet 2-2.jpg

Nygårdsfjellet 2-3.jpg

Nygårdsfjellet 2.jpg


Best regards

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Amazing nature...the last photo is very...very... beautiful :) Cheers :)


Thank you. Great you liked it. Have a pleasant evening.


Thank you.

Very nice day put in nature! It’s so different from winter scenery of white blanket all over. These colourful wild flowers are very pretty and cheerful


Thank you very much, they charge colour from green too red in the autumn


You gave lovely hikes among beautiful nature! I wish I could go along too. 🙀😂

very amazing, the photography is very beautiful, the colors are very good, the target is very precise in the very beautiful direction, I really enjoy, @harkar.


great you liked it. Thank you.

Beautiful photos as always👍 These mushrooms look pretty big, do they? Can you tell me if you know the name of the red flowers in the last photo? I liked it a lot, it looks like ivy 🌺


Thank you very much. The mushrooms is around 10 cm. I don't know the name of the flowers. the leafs are green in the summer and become very red in the autumn.


Thanks for your answer🙂 Yes, red and yellow are the colors of autumn. I'm sure green would fit it too but I prefer the red style of it 👌

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Thank you very much.