Today's post is about my agriculture and about the millet crop within agriculture

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Today's post is about my agriculture and about the millet crop within agriculture

Millet crop in our village

Our millet crop is ready in our village. can see I have a millet stalk in my hand which is very beautiful.

When is the millet crop planted and when is it harvested?

The millet crop is planted in summer and harvesting begins at the end of summer.
The millet crop is a very lucrative business

Expenditure on millet crop per acre


How much does it cost to send millet per acre?

One acre yields two kilograms of millet seeds


How much water is given to the millet crop and when?
The first watering is given to the millet crop on the first day.
The second watering is given after twenty days.
The third watering is given after forty days.


How much fertilizer was given to the millet crop?
Millet crop is given 50 kg urea per acre


What is the cost per acre of millet crop?
Millet crop costs Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per acre


How much is the millet crop sold per acre?
The millet crop sells for between Rs 40,000 and Rs 45,000 per acre

You will see some pictures of our millet harvest yesterday. I have made this picture at this time.






The millet crop is harvested and kept in the sun for ten days.
It is then dried and then threshed in a thresher.

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