At breakfast this morning I made the chicken kalaji.


At breakfast this morning I made the chicken kalaji.
Which turned out to be very delicious.
I came in with half a kilogram of chicken kalaji from a chicken.
I thoroughly washed the kalaji first and then put it inside a pot.
You can see that this neat kalaji is now inside the pot.


Then I cut them into small pieces and made a paste for two onions as you can see.
After that I took a big piece of ginger and cut it into twenty pieces, along with two garlic.
I also had a cup of yogurt with it.

Now you can see I took a spoon of turmeric and a spoon of red pepper.
In a spoon I made a hot spice.
Take one spoon of dried coriander. And one tablespoon of green coriander

I put all these things in oil and cooked them then after that they got what we ate together was very delicious.

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یہ مزیدار لگ رہا ہے!
یہ سیاہ مرغی کا جگر ہے۔

It looks delicious!
It is a black chicken liver.


Yes thank you