Join steemit with the local community WORLD OF XPILAR

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Hello my friends, wherever you are on this opportunity, I will again introduce you because I am certainly on this opportunity to join the World of Xpilar community


Actually, I joined a few days ago together with one of my colleagues, namely @jasonmunapasee , but because there was a slight obstacle, finally on this opportunity I was only able to do an intro introduction to all of my friends.

Maybe here are a lot of friends who knew me before because before I was not too focused, but now after getting some motivation from friends, I finally decided to refocus on Steemit especially to colleagues who have supported me like @sultan-aceh @jasonmunapasee @tonitrade

I am very happy to be here again and to be in a very large community thanks to @sultan-aceh and also @xpilar who have made this community one of the greatest possible communities

Hopefully this community can continue and also spread positive things in the future.


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Selamat bergabung.
Tetap semangat.


Akan kembali bertempur dengan gigih

Selamat aktif kembali, sobat!


Bergabung kembali sobat


Eu, jeut sit 😅

Hai sahabat @hattaarshavin
Salam kenal, dan salam sukses di Steemit. Saya senang melihat anda kembali aktif di Steemit dan bergabung dengan World of Xpilar Community, dan Aceh Team, berkat support dari @sultan-aceh dan kawan-kawan lainnya. Semoga terus sukses. Thanks.
Regards, @new-spirit.


Terima kasih sambutannya @new-spirit
Semoga bisa bersama-sama membangun Pandangan yang baik untuk komunitas


Iya, @hattaarshavin. Kita akan membangun hubungan yang baik dan selalu kompak dibawah naungan komunitas @worldofxpilar dan @aceh-team.
Salam hormat, @new-spirit.

Hai @hattaarshavin

Happy JOINING in #steemit With The Local Community World of Xpilar

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Dear @hattaarshavin

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hi @Hattaarshavin

Glad you have made the introduction,
We welcome you to post on Aceh-Team
World Of Xpilar Community

Hopefully your, have no more obstacles, for the future, when making posts, ask me directly, what is your problem, surely ... Members of Aceh-Team Local Community, will help your.

  • Photo technique
  • Mobile Settings
  • Lens Settings
  • Writing Digital Stories
  • etc

Greetings, World Of Xpilar Community Moderators


Thank you very much @sultan-aceh for your extraordinary welcome. Of course I feel like I started here and of course I have to learn again to be able to master all the things that need to be looked at carefully.

Hi @hattaarshavin

Welcome to the Steem community and the World of Xpilar local community


Thank you very much for welcoming me here with open arms @xpilar

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