Hi @Xpilar
Today has been awesome and to crown it all I just received a notification that I've been labelled a member of XPILAR COMMUNITY by @sultan-aceh

This post is going to be a reintroduction to steemit community and how my journey has been so far , my expectations and what the community should expect from me !!!


First am Okpulor Henry a final year medical student of the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers state, Nigerian. This is my 4th year on steemit though I took a break from blogging for about 2years because of my academic pursuit. Well am back and am glad to be identified with this awesome community .

I am Igbo by tribe and I hail from Abia state in the south-eastern region of Nigeria . This region has a huge historical significance to Nigeria as it is to be an independent state(Biafra) . Though it's not officially a country yet , the Igbos are still trying to get their independence from Nigeria. Movements like IPPOB and MASSOB are still fighting for the freedom of Biafra

Displaying a Refurbished Igbo Native Attire



The history of Biafra is filled with memories of war and death . I just hope similar occurrences don't happen again.


I think I've grown since when last I was active on steemit . Grown intellectually and understanding what it means to be part of something bigger than you . So being back I hope is gonna be as awesome as I expect.

I already love the fact that a lot of communities are doing very well. Promotion of quality content is going on and I want to be a huge part of it.

I stand for community engagement through comments on post . This passion was stirred up by the steemit lucky 10's contest where I found that going through the works of other is easier that writing everyday.

If we all get to write and no one reads then it defeats the purpose of community engagement and social networking. I think the initiative of encouraging commenting on should be taken up by every community. Fewer posts and more comments will make for a strong community where we all appreciate each other ideas and works.
Interactive sections should be supported.

It's also my expectation that members of the community be empowered and engaged to bring in bloggers with the best content on the internet. The steem Blockchain is the pioneering Blockchain social network and should remain on top at all times .

I want to appreciate this community for an opportunity to be part of the awesome work and to be able to make my contributions.


I have specialties and though I plan to broaden them with time my post would be focus around medicine , music, finance and christainity !




I'll be writing here on common health problems of public and economic importance . Contributing to the health of the People of the world is of great importance to me . So from hypertension , diabetes and other chronic illnesses that have a high level of morbidity and mortality . They'll be discussed from a doctor's perspective.



I love music so much and am passionate about Gospel music but I'll be performing and talking about various genre of music. I hope to find music loves too in this community so we can learn from eachother. Music is more like a hobby and a spiritual affair for me.




Money makes the world go round and today there's no society whose center focus deviates far from the subject of money . So from fiat money , to cryptocurrency , money management , trading and investment strategies . I'll be talking about them all.
Am also a cryptocurrency lover and am involved in crypto trading so I'll love to say the little I know and also learn from the community.
Money is very important and we all need more of it so I'll also be blogging on ideologies behind wealth creation and business management. Building an investment mindset is my goal. The days of savings are over. No , we make out money work for us instead of letting it lie dormantly in our accounts.



Am not a religious fanatic , Noooo!!! But this is one aspect of my life I don't take for granted . God has meant so much to me as long as I know and I thank Jesus for his ultimate sacrifice on the cross . Am proud to be a Christain and I'll be sharing my faith with community on Sundays . Am sure there'll be a lot to talk about on this.

Well I'll drop my pen here ! I love and I appreciate the @Xpilar community for this opportunity . Also I want to appreciate @steemitboard, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @mustard ,@stach , @remlaps, @cmp2020 ,@knitrias, @glory7 ,@steemingcurators

For all your support and efforts in building various steem communities ! Cheers to you all .

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Hello @hokulor

Very good your presentation, thanks for wanting to be part of the community, in this community we love art, so the kind of publications you can make here are the artistic type, whether stories, stories, photographs, poems, paintings, drawings, contests and journals @steemitblog are also widely seen in our community. I hope you like being part of this great family. Greetings!


Thanks @franyeligonzalez for the comment.
I'll try to structure my ideas in an artistic ways so as to relate to what the community stands for 😁

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