Jugando al gua - Playing marbles [Digital-art]

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Fotomanipulación y pintura digital. Obra creada a partir de una imagen propia tomada de una estatua que hay en un parque de mi localidad. La escultura representa a unos niños jugando con canicas, que podría ser el juego del gua, aquel en el que se hacía un agujero en el suelo (el gua) y se debía golpear las canicas de los otros jugadores, y luego introducir la tuya en el gua, alternativamente, para ganar. Qué buenos ratos ha dado a tantas generaciones de niños.

Photomanipulation and digital painting. Work created from an own image taken from a statue in a park in my town. The sculpture represents some children playing with marbles, which could be the game of "gua", the one in which a hole was made in the ground, (the "gua"), and you had to hit the marbles of the other players and then introduce yours in the gua, alternately, to win. What a good time it gave so many generations of children.

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Hi @iaberius, it is really nice to know that you followed the steps of your father and creating art too, so we have one more professional artist in our community. The children topic is one of my favourite, I think it never gets old and boring. Seeing playing children I just recall my own childhood. Like the way you created the impression of motions with that geometric forms.

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Hello! Thanks so much for the support. I guess growing up surrounded by art has always influenced me. Maybe not so much as a graphic artist but as a creative and passionate about stories.