Tractor [Digital-art]

8개월 전


Fotomanipulación y pintura digital. Obra creada a partir de una imagen propia tomada en un desfile de tractores antiguos.

Photomanipulation and digital painting. Artwork made from an own image taken at a parade of antique tractors.

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Que bonito, parece un personaje de cuento ♥️


Lo malo es que me quedó el tractor con cara de bobo...

Hi @iaberius, nice to see you in World of Xpilar community and I am happy that you started to use our community page. I really like the texture of your painting, great contrast between blue and the mixture of red, yellow and green. I saw your posts resteemed by @arcoiris, are you from the same area of Spain?


Hi! Yes, I am from the same area. Actually, I'm one son of Juan Gallego (@arcoiris) haha. I was the first of us to join Steemit, in 2017, and I convinced him to open an account. But the real artist is him. My skills go more towards humanities and writing, on the one hand, and digital graphic design, photography and photo editing and manipulation, on the other.

It's a shame that Steemit reduces the image so much. You can't appreciate the halftone effect I gave the blue tractor to give the feeling of a cut and pasted, collage-like publication. But well, I'm still testing and learning how to work with photoshop.