Nature saves millions of beauty


All respect for all members who are still active in looking for pictures and embellished with writing and then adapting to this crytocurrency-based steem platform.

It's not easy to get things done without hard work and focus

That's a little understanding of the word that I always hold very tightly in all fields that become my daily path here. I'm a newcomer to steem. But I continue to try as much as possible to get a special place like other seniors.

Some of the pictures I published today and this picture I obtained through a macro lens, nature gave birth to millions of hidden beauty, but certainly this is nature hidden in the natural beauty of the forest.

I have found this beauty, a macro lens that impresses me with the beauty of a small nature that we cannot see with ordinary eyes.









It won't be easy to get something without hard work

By @in-macro

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Very good, upvoted and resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thanks to vote us as your witness and curator.

Very nice macro, you managed to capture the little details, fragile nature :)

By the way I am wondering if you know that the developer of Steemworld program that we all use on daily basis @steemchiller is going for witness. If you have not voted yet, please do vote for witness for him. Here is the last post of him.


Ok, we will definitely visit you.