Promoting"The world of animals" Great video competition, get ready From @in-macro

Hello Friends, my WORLD OF XPILAR is taking part in the @xpilar competition, curated by @sultan-aceh & @art-venture.
One more minute I took a video using a macro lens while shooting this video, my participation in this case hopefully we can enjoy all the beauty of all the people who participated in this competition.
This is a very brilliant competition that was born by @xpilar and this competition must be very many great people supporting this competition and hopefully we can enjoy it.



It won't be easy to get something without hard work

By @in-macro

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hai @in-macro

thank you @ahlawat

great insect video
showcase your work and talents

only in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

Regards @xpilar @art-venture and @sultan-aceh


Hhhh,,,,, You're welcome 🙏

  ·  작년

Hi @in-macro

thank you for promoting the competition


You're welcome 🙏

very clear with this example. thank you.


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