Promoting "The world of animals" Great video competition, get ready! Part 2

We are back in competition part 2, an idea that was released by @xpilar and this is very fantastic and hopefully it can continue.
We get two different opportunities here, one can boost the name of the big steem and the second can continue our work on YouTube, which is also paid.
Very genius in creating this Competition and we are very satisfied and we make sure to continue to be as creative as possible in promoting beautiful animals and rare animals,
In our video which is approximately one minute long, there are two small animals, we capture these animals using our macro lens.



It won't be easy to get something without hard work !!

By @in-macro

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  ·  작년

Hi @in-macro

thank you for promoting the competition


You're welcome @xpilar,,, this is a very big competition and we must continue to promote it together, united, we stand firm and divorced, we collapse ... Together we must continue to promote it ... 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Thanks so much ,,,🙏🙏 @mllg

Beautiful, very beautiful photos and video!!! I Like on YouTube. Tomorrow I prove to make my video :)

nice post