Books and imagination is the best

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Hello to all online art lovers, and the fantastic literature books ^ _ ^

Los Libros y la Imaginación es lo Mejor.jpg

In this Drawing I wanted to capture the feeling and emotion you feel when you read a book that he has exploited our imagination (in my case it was The Spiderwick Chronicles ^ _ ^), to date this illustration is one of my best work so far, it is The work where I integrate more characters and with different levels of complexity, that is why it took me more than 9 days to finish and without a doubt, this is my most ambitious work, neither more nor less are 9 characters in a single image, never I had done that before and 8 of them are fantasy My first dragon, hooray !! I am very proud of how the dragon was, when I made the sketch I was worried about how difficult it would be to do it, in the end it was the most simple and fun thing to do, the unicorn was the difficult one and that made existence bitter when drawing it (which is not what I saw it coming - _-`) I also loved how the queen of the fairies stayed and especially how the girl stayed, as the light makes it integrate with the environment, I had to use perspective to orient the light of the window and its shadow

Pencil Sketch


Separadores para Web-03.png


Los Libros y la imaginación es lo Mejor.jpg

With this GIF I show you the whole process of illustration


The Contours of Each Vector


Each stroke and node that make up the image

Comparativa de nodos.jpg

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 3602 x 6424px at 300dpi

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments on this drawing, what would you improve?

Please let me know in the comments below, I hope you liked my work

See you in a next post

Separadores para Web-01.png

Oh by the way I opened an Instagram account in which little by little I am uploading my drawings, and I would really appreciate it if you would follow me ^ _ ^



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I remember that feeling when we are fully immerse in the world of adventure, reading the book. Well done with the illustration of the characters and expression of the face.

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