Fixing an old drawing


Hello to all art lovers !!! You have no idea how much I missed presenting my drawings to you. ^ _ ^

Recibiendo el Otoño.jpg

I really did not want to disappear for so long, but for stressful reasons originating from my work which is directly responsible, which is not productive and creative as I would like, to the point that it took me several days to finish a work, I believe these are the things that make you reconsider what the course of my life should be.

At the end of 2019 I made a drawing on the nTOPAZ platform which I called “Receiving autumn” and it was a drawing of which I was very proud, as it was the first well-done natural landscape that I made, the drawing showed a girl dressed accordingly to the autumn season, holding a cornucopia in his hands while contemplating the landscape, it is curious but a drawing of which I was proud now at present made me ashamed, because of how badly drawn the girl was. I realized this while organizing my gallery to upload to Instagram (please if you can follow me on Instagram, that would help my self-esteem ^ _ ^) I saw this drawing that stands out by contrast in relation to my most current drawings, go ahead, If I change my style in a year!, I improved a lot (not for nothing, practice makes perfect) I noticed many anatomical errors in the protagonist of the work, the poor girl had a very disproportionate body, so much so that if I were to stand her up the dimensions of her limbs would make her look like a monster, this oversight is due, because I used to perform exactly the I draw as it was in the pencil sketch, and did not examine the sketch for flaws, that is why I decided to correct it because I really liked the background, I naively believed that it would be something easy, because of how it is a work done in vectors, it would only have to accommodate the nodes of the extremities, BUT SURPRISE !! It would not be easy at all because the entire anatomy of the girl was a complete disaster, and it would be easier to draw her again than to try to accommodate her, and finally that was what I did all these days, in the little time she had for me. ^ _ ^

Original drawing with all errors

Recibiendo el Otoño CON errores.jpg

Sketch done in pencil


Separadores para Web-01.png

Detecting errors

Errores Dectetados.jpg

In this work he had many errors, practically all of them fell on the girl's body, which had a disproportionate anatomy starting with her head which had a skull elongated backwards like that of an alien, this is evident when seeing how her hair falls behind her head following the trajectory of the skull, the next thing that is most done is the posture that she has in the image which is not at all natural (who the hell arches and lowers his head when sitting to see a landscape, that is totally uncomfortable) her shoulder is very large, especially her entire left arm, which according to the direction of her elbow, is as lake as if it were that of an orangutan, her hands are larger than her own head, an error but of logic is that she is wearing a long skirt and is still sitting on her pantyhose that is only possible with miniskirts, her knees are totally deformed, the knee of the right leg is the same size as her face , and that of the left leg is of a more normal size, but this transmits the sensation of being dislocated by protruding from the leg which is extended and not flexed, to complete both legs they have different lengths, the right being much longer, the Feet are larger than her head, as for the shoes after looking for many references I noticed that no woman in her right mind would use that type of footwear with that type of socks, in fact due to the landscape environment she must wear boots, another mistake was of the anatomy is that the palette of colors and elements of the background makes her lose the background, especially with her hair which mixes a lot with the foliage of the trees, and finally there is imbalance visual, all elements are located to the left of the image. (As you can see, there are many mistakes, I was not exaggerating)

Correcting mistakes


I was able to correct everything mentioned, applying my new style, I had to remove some of the foliage and add more lighting to make the girl not blend with the background and highlight, and to correct the visual balance add out-of-focus foliage in the foreground to better balance the space and also adds depth to the image.

Separadores para Web-01.png


Recibiendo el Otoño-Lineart.jpg

Flat Colors

Recibiendo el Otoño Color Flat.png

With this GIF I show you the entire illustration process


The Contours of Each Vector


Each trace and node that make up the image

Comparativa de Nodos.jpg

All drawing progress


Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
Full resolution 6940 x 3893px at 300dpi
Publication resolution 1541 x 864px at 72dpi

Thank you very much for reading my post. What are your criticisms and comments about this drawing, what would you improve?

Please let me know in the comments below, I hope you liked my work, See you in a future post

Separadores para Web-01.png

Oh by the way I opened an Instagram account in which little by little I am uploading my drawings, and I would really appreciate it if you would follow me ^ _ ^



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I really love your drawing, I think the scene is what caught my attention. You're amazing


you're amazing


LoL I like this gif, what anime is it? XD


Thanks @onyechi, when I made the first version, the most important thing was the stage and in this new version it had to be much more striking, and pleasant ... I think I did it ^ _ ^


Yes you did