My Sketches Vol. 6

2년 전

Hi All Artists, I hope you are having a great and very productive day ^ _ ^

Bocetos Vol 6.jpg

Another cycle of drawings ended, and a short one where my productivity expectations were not met T_T without a doubt this discourages me I know that I am achieving more quality in my work, consequently it takes me a little longer, but these days I am distracting myself a little for mundane things but the main drawback is the blackouts, which occur when I get home from work, lately they are happening less but they are already random when you think the power will not go out, and it turns out that it is because the blackout delay, we already calculate the hours when he leaves, if he does not leave at 6:30 pm, he will leave at 7:00 and if he does not leave at that time, he leaves at 8:00 pm, then sometimes I waste time waiting if he Electric power will go or not, that is why I need to buy a UPS to be productive during my time of being paranoid about the power cut, I also decided not to publish more things I do about work, in the first they are not so interesting, second they are less creative and detailed adas, which is reflected a lot in the votes that they have received, which indicates that I must continue to improve and creative with each new work that I do from now on to compensate for this, which will also make me better as an artist, which is what I really am, I AM A DIGITAL ARTIST NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER !! And in these last few weeks I have behaved like a designer which is something I do not want, I just want to draw, learn and create visual wonders ...

Clean lineart of my drawings

Lineart Vol 6.jpg

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments on these drawings, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my works
See you in a next post


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I love these!

Yes, I am biased towards lineart drawings since that is the base of my style. Still...

You managed to get very expressive lines. I'm kinda bummed out that you did not "ink" the poly-Gorilla sketch though, lol.

Keep doing what you like, the results speak for themselves!