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Hello to all art lovers !!! and girls who love to wear sweaters (which I think is pretty much all :-P).

Sueter Rojo.png

I spent a whole week in which I did not show them anything, something that I did not want to happen, but the work took a lot of time, and when I got home I was late or I was very tired, or my favorite when I started drawing on my The computer went out for 4 hours (it happened to me twice) I also had other setbacks, like going out to buy some cleaning products on Saturday and a new backpack which I took with me all morning, and in the afternoon I went to my sister Let's see how my dad's visit to the doctor went, and it was Sunday when he can draw me but I had to bathe my 2 little dogs who were very dirty, neglected and with all their hair tangled, and that day the light at night, and so it was that a drawing, in which it took me a day and a half, took me a whole week and a little longer to finish, in other happier news a user called @adamada contacted me by discord AND FINALLY SOMEONE EXPLAINS ME HOW TO DELEGATE OR REMOVE DELEGATIONS !! I am not very given in this blockchain and I still do not understand how all this works, I am somewhat primitive in all this, and I had been figuring out for months how to remove the delegation that I made to nTOPAZ (which I did because on their platform they had an easy to use button with a super explanatory tutorial) I am so grateful that I draw a picture of it. ^ _ ^

I have already talked about my drawing which is a pretty girl making a tender expression, which is not my creation but a portrait made of the friend of one of my cousins, which a long time ago sent me this photo on an occasion that I chatted with She, the whole photo seemed very adorable and cute, so much that I wanted to draw it, and finally I did, and if it was possible to highlight more the tenderness that it reflected, that was the reason why I made her more stubborn, with bigger eyes and a smaller nose, to give it an anime-like touch, although as a result I rejuvenated her a lot, in the photo I was like 16 years old (I don't remember) and in my drawing I look like 10 years old, but how I wanted to make her more adorable well … Stays like this ^ _ ^

Sketch done in pencil


Separadores para Web-01.png

Detecting errors

Errores Dectetados.jpg

And in the errors I was surprised that there were not so many, I expected to commit more, the main ones were the position and size of both hands, and the length of both arms which was very short according to the canon of the head, I put a lot of separation between the eyes (it could even fit an orange), and had to accommodate all the volume of her hair and increase it.

Correcting mistakes


Separadores para Web-03.png


Sueter Rojo.jpg

Flat colors

Sueter Rojo Color Flat.png

With this GIF I show you the entire illustration process


The Contours of Each Vector


Each trace and node that make up the image

Comparativa de Nodos.jpg

All drawing progress


Photo vs Draw

Sueter Rojo - Foto vs Dibujo.jpg

Technical information:

Digital vector drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
Full resolution 3602 x 4722px at 300dpi

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments about this drawing, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my work
See you in a future post


Inu-Jim LOGO.png

Copyright @inu-jim –Allrightsreserved

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I'm curious who does your error identification. Is that you just re-examining your work before going to the next stage, or does someone assist you?

Plus... I absolutely love the animated gif you created to show your process. Very cool.
Upvoted and followed you today.


Wow thank you, I had time that someone did not start following me by steemit ^ _ ^
It is the first thing, when I finally assemble the sketch I begin to analyze my own drawing correcting the entire anatomical proportion, which for some reason I do not notice when I do it with the pencil, there is no better help than to be critical with myself and reexamining before starting .


hehe thanks @axeman I always try my best in each new drawing ^ _ ^

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Incredibly great work


thank you very very much @xpilar ^_^

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