City of Dhaka, gazipur.bangladesh....



live city or reject city.

from town to village. People rush to the city to earn a living or to meet their own needs.

but you cannot understand how bad the city is if you cannot live in that place. I am now in the city of gazipur.

when I pass the secondary examination in 2018 and came to Dhaka because of my Life would and to overcome in final crisis. Coming there I can feel the true love of my village. Because there are many bad places from two town.

the noise of hundreds of people and the traffic jam all over the road. If you are sick ok you will understand how big of a problem you are going to fall.People actually come from the village to the city the village is the thing to real love to me.

I love my village and the people of my village

But I am still in the city because of the situation. But now I do not see is difference between ruler and urban.

it is our job to adapt animals to the new environment it is been a long years since I went home and I do not remember my own home. Sony bar we are in a city or a village our survival is the real thing

If you love village you can stay your village. Do not come back in Dhaka. You can stay Dhaka if you love city.

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