I know that one day you will play this | Knitrias Project Week 02

2개월 전

Hello Steemitverse

I leave you a small sketch of our relator, characters from the novel The Longevity Statute Part I, II, III, IV of the Knitrias Project


I have too much time without drawing and making this sketch I really liked, it made me remember the old days and also somehow relive the story that stayed in my mind...

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This is the start of a great journey to visualize those characters with your skills!! I know him, he's a good man and suffered too much, but he doesn't know that more is about to come!!

Thanks for your participation in this week's challenge Branches of Longevity by the Knitrias Project.

Best wishes, @Jacorv!!

Muchas gracias por tu respuesta al aviso, @Jacorv!! Por allá te respondo!!

@jacorv, can you draw? It's great that we have an artist in our group! I liked your painting. thank you so much for your post.
Have a wonderful weekend


Solía ser mejor, poco a poco he ido retomando los dibujos.

Igualmente para ti, un saludo enorme!

@Jacorv! you're a good artist, I will love to see more of your drawing. Thanks we love you.