My little secretary


Greetings to all those wonderful people who make life in this wonderful community, all those who every day put their effort to create quality content. When I look back and remember when I published articles about my wife's pregnancy and then about my newborn daughter and I see now how much that little girl has grown I reflect that time has gone very fast, it has been two years since then and it is easy to say but it is not the same to say it than to live it, especially because these two years have been very intense for me and I am sure for many of you, even for STEEM. But here we are still fighting with the wounds of the battle but with the taste of victory. In my case I particularly savor that victory in sharing with my daughter for whom I have fought so hard, seeing her so big and creative fills me with joy every day and today I want to share some of that joy with you through her witticisms. It turns out that I live in a two-story house, downstairs lives my mother-in-law (currently all of us because she lost her husband and son and without us she would be alone there) and the upstairs is the house I have been building to live with my wife. Currently it is almost finished so I have moved my computer and work stuff upstairs to put a small office in which I can work. But as I spend the day upstairs she hardly sees me, so she sneaks out to be with me and when she arrives she starts acting like a secretary.


She picks up the phone and starts acting like she's making and receiving calls, which is really funny to me because we're talking about a two-year-old girl.



She also reads and answers my e-mails 😂



What is it about today's children that they are in such a hurry to grow and learn. They advance at such an accelerated pace, as if the system demands them to be prepared as soon as possible. She has surprising occurrences that surprise me and I enjoy that very much, for me sharing with her is my reward for the struggle of all this time and I thank God for that blessing because in everything we have seen how He sustains us.

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