This was supposed to be a great day, according to you everything was going to be fine because the instructor was very experienced. Hector complained, looking with a bit of anger at his sister Astrid, it's almost noon and we still can't find fresh water, look how exhausted and thirsty we all are.

Willian immediately proceeded to defend her, friend don't torment her so much, she is also suffering from thirst, remember that this is a survival course, we must be able to at least endure the whole day, in the worst case scenario we will be picked up at dusk so don't keep on tormenting the poor girl, there is still a long way to go.

Astrid blushed a little because Willian was defending her, so she added: "Little brother, remember that I didn't bring you here under duress, we made a deal and your part of the deal is to take care of me, not to blame me, so stop crying so much.

Marco could not understand, he had chosen that island to teach the survival course because there was enough vegetation, it seemed to have a lot of jungle and animals, in his experience as an instructor if there are living things like plants and animals humans should also be able to survive there, but where was the water? they had been looking all morning without success. Although they had found some fruit trees, for that reason they could still be standing. However his reputation as an instructor was degrading as time went by without success in finding fresh water in the middle of that uninhabited island.

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The sun of that day seemed like an executioner that lurked to torture its prey, much glare, the heat was getting stronger and Robert tried to find an explanation for that high temperature, perhaps because the rays are reflected in the sea and receive double glare or perhaps by the fact that they had not yet found water, despite this they continued to go deeper into the heart of that island, while thinking about this Natty fell to the ground fainted, she was dehydrated shouted Robert as he lifted her up. I don't think I can go on any longer," Natty whispered in an exhausted tone.
To everyone's surprise Hector opened his backpack and took out a bottle of water. Here, I hope this will keep you going until we find more. Don't look at me like that.

Marcos: Who brings water to a survival course? Here we set rules and the goal was to get all the resources we need to survive inside the island.

Hector: Someone who wants to survive. Besides you are the ones who want to be here in need, I only came to take care of my sister so I don't have to follow your rules and if it wasn't for me who knows what would have happened to Natty, so stop looking at me as a villain and treat me as the hero who saved Natty's life.

After a long walk through a lot of vegetation they were able to find a small spring. All this walk to look for water when I have plenty at home, you guys are really upset! exclaimed Hector.

The excitement made Robert blindly rush to the spring but Marcos grabbed his hand to stop him in time and prevent the swarm of bees from making him their prey and surely all of them.

They are dangerous," said Marcos in a low voice. We mustn't make too much noise or get too close to the water, give me your bottles and I'll fill them up!

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They had finally returned to the place where they would come to pick them up. I hope I never have to repeat this experience again," said Hector to his sister Astrid. I don't find any thrill in spending all day wandering around an island being thirsty and exposed to some animal hurting me.

I agree with you, Natty supported from behind. Look how the instructor got stung by the bees, good thing we all got out of there safely, I didn't know this was so risky so I never plan to repeat this course again.

Robert: But it is already after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the boat that is coming to pick us up to take us home should have arrived half an hour ago.

The hours passed and everyone looked to the horizon as the sun was slowly setting in that desolate sea, all waiting to see the boat coming to take them home but night was about to fall and everyone was still on that island.


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What do you mean quarantine? Paul shouted to the officer in anger, I need to go get a crew. This is important sir, let me set sail.

It is an emergency decree sir, replied the officer, no one can leave the city and no one can enter, it is for everyone's safety. Now the best thing is that you retire to your house and do not leave there but only for things that are really necessary.

After much unsuccessful insistence Paul had to retire asking God to save those people he was supposed to bring home, they were on an uninhabited island and he only hoped they could survive so he would not have a guilty conscience!

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This is my entry to the contest sponsored by @xpilar in the community. World of Xpillar your writing story competition(108)

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