Great view and a kind of art, The stone church.

24일 전

Art in the landscape.

Art of different types are to be found at several places around where I live as a part of the project Artscape Nordland. I like this one, Monumental and proudly standing on a bare promontory facing the sea. Made of stone will it stay like this for hundreds of years. The artist Bjørn Nørgaard.






At a view point in my fjord Rombaken


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Amazing monument of the stone church with creative art! It's a good idea to make this with stone. "It will stay like this for hundreds of years" indeed, I totally agree.

And it looks outstanding with the great view.

The blue sky with huge clouds is also very beautiful.

Great capture! ;)


Thank's so much @tangmo for nice comment


You are much welcome! ;)

hi @karja beautiful photo, nice to see you back on steemit again.

if you like to write about motivation or philosophy it is very welcome in my community.


Thanks so much @steemandi for comment and invite

Very powerful work. It looks like a castle!

Nature is very beautiful.


Thank's so much @kaminchan for commenting


Hi! I miss you wonderful photos on the other place!!

Wow good photography and nice place is well. Beautiful camera work


Thank's so much @csharma for nice comment

It's a really nice view @karja and I guess it's like a crowing watchtower. maybe this can be used as history, because it can last hundreds of years facing the sea.


Thank's so much @kurza for nice comment


You're welcome @karja, nice to always see photos of your nature.

Fantástico! Una maravilla.


Thank's so much @romanie for comment

The scenery is very good friends and the photo taking is very good, always success for you friends. @karja


Thank's so much @zubir-steem

amazing, very beautiful photo, i was amazed when i saw it,


Thank's so much @taillah


You'are welcome, I am happy to see your submission @karja

Es muy hermosa esa iglesia, gracias por compartir. Uno ni se imagina los monumentos hermosos y antiguos que hay en el mundo.


Muchas gracias @mavibauza por el agradable comentario

Тысячи лет люди будут любоваться этим местом. И тысячи лет оно будет неизменным. Как и этот пост на Steemit.


большое спасибо @ yura77 за приятный комментарий

That is very extraordinary, especially the edge of the lake is very beautiful,