Landscape in the north

10개월 전

Traveling in the west

Between the mainland and the islands in the west

View outwards the fjord


At the old pier

Boat houses


Where the wind can be strong. Notice the heavy chains on the boathouse

On the other side


Where people lived in the past. An old farm, there are no roads on that side of the fjord, boating is the only option. There are many such places here in the north. Where there was a piece of land that could be cultivated, people lived in the past .

Pictures from a fjord nearby the strait Raftsundet

A nice weather day in the north

Best regards

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Buenos dias amigo deseo que se encuentre bien y que tenga una feliz navidad.


Muchas gracias @edgargonzalez por un comentario agradable. Mis mejores deseos para la Navidad y el nuevo año.


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wow so beautifull keep up the good work

Hello dear friend @karja good morning
What beautiful photographs you have taken, I really like the reflections
You live in a very beautiful paradise
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day

pure water surrounded with beautiful mountains.

Lovely natural setting. Love the blue sky and green mountains! Nature is so wonderful. Lucky you!!

@karja, excellent part of your photography is that you make them alive.

@karja, Your pictures are an important way to keep my mind well. I always share my feelings and thoughts with your pictures that I couldn't share with anyone.
Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

A beautiful green landscape against the backdrop of a blue fjord and the sky

love the boat houses :) Cheers :)

Very beautiful scenery! It looks peaceful and really nice atmosphere. The reflection is wonderful. Great capture! ;)

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Amazing post...

beautiful looking place

Beautiful landscape shots. The river is a beautiful addition

WOW!..Seeing your photos makes me want to go back to Norway again.

very beautiful place, the view is amazing, the weather is very friendly, I enjoy this very happy, @karja.

@karja... please support me.. 🙏🙏

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beutifull photo @karja.

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Beautiful place, in my area, maybe I can find in Gayo area. However, it takes quite a long time to get there.

the last photo is the best!

beautiful view mate, i want to go to that lake to swim. thanks for this nice photo.

Mountains are beautifully reflected in the water. (photo#2)

Amazing pictures.

Oh my God
This is paradise
I was happy to see these beautiful pictures!

Que hermoso paisaje, existe tanto por conocer. Simplemente estas imagenes son cautivadoras.


Very beautiful friend the photographs, greetings and I always remember it, we were very followed, I hope to have your visits and help me with your good votes, I am Venezuelan and here it is very difficult to survive, greetings

Good night friend @karja I wish you are well like your family friend, what happened to you that you did not post again friend? I wish you have a happy evening.

very nice place, very suitable for camping

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Stunning photos

hello, do you have a chance to support my content if you like it?

Fabulous landscape photography:-);I hope you enjoyed in capturing such a wonderful photos
Enjoy w/ joy

Very nice

This post with the farm in it's pictures remind me of a novel I read by Knut Hamsun. The character in it walked across the wilderness in Norway and stayed at farms like this. It would be such a great experience to live!

These images are just beautiful, i love the green and peaceful landscape.

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Such a beautiful nature.
I hope you are well.

Great post.
I have created a post on you about art work.
Kindly check my last post .

Wow so lush and green!

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saludos amigo, espero se encuentre bien

Hello @karja,

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Thank you very much !