One summer day in the mountains

11개월 전

The lake Middagsvannet

After a short hour walk you reach the fantastic lake between high mountain. If you like to fish, the is the place to catch the big ones. It is not so much fish in the lake but they are big. There are large chars swimming in the water here, the largest are over five kilos. At an altitude of 650 meters it is easy to walk, there is not much vegetation to see. The worst thing is that on hot and windless days like this there can be a lot of mosquitoes and biting flies.


Up the hills and over the ridge





Road mark, at certain dictace there are set up stone like this. If the weather became foggy bad you can find the road home


Snow, I have to walk around to the left of the snowdrift, I do not want to get wet on my feet

The last ridge, the lake are on the other side



A fire place and something red. In previous years I have used to be here in the autumn to fish. The red you see are the remains of a boat we used. The ice from the lake has crushed it into small pieces. So no more fishing here it is too much heavy work to bring up a new boat.




View behind, The road home

A little waterfall between rocks

The mountain man karja, good shoes and packing are important for a happy walk in the mountain

Some pictures from my sunshine walk in the mountain

Regards from the north

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I like the landscape view. nice shot


Thank's so much @head1


Crocs is the best mountinshoes ever 😄 I used them one time when I discovered that one of my boots still was home.


😀👍 Not so bad, good grip on bare rock

hello dear friend @karja good day
You live in a very beautiful place, for those passionate about fishing, this place is incredible.
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful day


Thank you so much @jlufer for pleasant comment

I would like to swim in this mountain lake. I think the mountains have the cleanest water


Clean and f... cold, I think your swim will be quick. Thank's so much @always1success for comment

@karja... please support me 🙏

[WhereIn Android] (

Wow so beautiful, it was worth the hike.


Thank you so much @danilop for nice comment

great that images friend @karja. here in minoais we take fish in quantity but they are small. Greetings have a great day. 🙏😃


Thank's so much @alig2408 for nice comment, have a nice day

It's a very extraordinary place,Even if you travel by foot,Because at the destination it will all pay off,moreover there is a fishing spot, it's very fun.


Thank's so much @jasonmunapasee for nice comment


You're welcome.

Wonderful walk in the magnificent mountains! The lake view with the reflection of the mountains is so beautiful. The huge rocks are amazing and the little waterfall between the rocks is nice and looks refreshing.

It's a good and creative idea to set up the stones for the road mark like this.

Ah! The mountain man is especially a great shot! ;)


Thank's so much again for nice comment mr @tangmo


You're welcome! ;)

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Thank you so much @art-venture

Wow those lakes are absolutely stunning!


Thank's so much @ultravioletmag for nice comment

Wow!!! Can't imagine what will I do if I had a chance to visit those mountains. Really unbelievable.


Thank's so much @thimalteb for pleasant comment

Pretty landscape @karja 🏞 It reminds me of the Lake District here in the UK without the mosquitos😊


Thank's so much @petface for nice comment. Sounds good best without mosquitos