How we dry fish here in the north

Constructions like this for drying fish are to be found everywhere fishing in the north. At this place there was only fish heads an small fishes. Even the heads have a certain value. I do not know what they are used for, maybe they will be painted and used as animal feed.



In this tunnel, fish heads




In the small fish tunnel



Stockfishes in my barn

Drying fish is an old and good way to store fish. These fish hang on my barn, even after many years it is still just as good.


Snacks from the sea

Dried fish is hard, to be able to eat it must be in water for ten days, or as we usually do, hammer it until it is soft enough to be eaten. A delicacy from the sea.

Food in the north

Best regards

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hello friend @karja, I have never seen so much fish together exposed to the sun to dry. how much I have been able to see are only two, which Well is something new for me. I hope they take advantage of it. Happy day

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Stock fish adds wonderful flavour to dishes. Nice shots.

Wow! That’s plenty of fish! How many days do you dry these fish? Did you have to put salt on fish before drying them?!

it's a good place to dry, because the weather is very hot.
Maybe they used the fish head as a mixture in their food. Lol.
Don't you ask them,Why is the fish head dried?


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@karja first of all I like to appreciate the way you captured these beautiful pictures. Then I love to share you that in india many love to eat dry fishes to, especially in winter season . Stay blessed and keep sharing

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Amazing! I haven't seen a lot of fish heads and plenty of small fish hanging in one place like these before.

It's a very good idea to store fish like these. They are great snacks from the sea, for sure.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Caramba amigo me he quedado sorprendida con esta tecnica de secado de pescado,muy lindas fotos, aqui en venezuela y donde vivo en margarita que es zona pesquera secamos el pescado cuando lo tajeamos bien y agregamos mucha sal y lo llevamos varios dias al sol nos queda seco y salado es un plato demasiado bueno me encanta el pescado salado seco también dura mucho. que bueno que esa tecnica existe aya para secarlo.gracias por tan buena información y por la ayuda que me ha dado y pueda dar con su voto,saludos y cuidese

That’s a whole lot of fishes. Have never such large amount of fish but from my geography studies, Norway is a fishing ground with great waters am happy for your exhibition sir @karja it’s so impressive.

@karja In this eastern part of India , fish is almost there everyday in food. Dry fishes are also consumed in Winter seasons. what a lovely captured pictures. Pls send some fish here too 👍

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It always being a pleasure to visit your page, you captured all photographs beautifully, I also love to travel a lot. But now unable to do because of the pandemic. I am 58years old guy and at this stage I only love to spend my time within nature. Keep sharing @karja,

buenas amigo,siento mucho decirle que acaba de morir mi madre, estoy pasando por un duro momento en todos los aspectos, saludos desde venezuela amigo

In Korea, where I live, they dry fish in a similar way. It's amazing.