Visiting the old fisher man village Nyksund

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Nyksund from some distance


Access road to Nyksund


A bit in the village

Narrow streets and old houses


The pub in Nyksund, in the red building


The inner part of the harbor


A fishing boat at the pier


Empty buildings, waiting for new activity


Seagulls and a fish head


Flower in old iron


Boats in the harbor


View towards west, the big North Atlantic sea






The fisher man village Nyksund, abandoned during the 1970's the city became a ghost tow, left empty for 30 years.

In the 1980s and 90s, German students came to Nyksund, and created new activity on the site. Eventually, the place became popular with visiting artists and tourists. Today, Nyksund has a few permanent residents and a year-round offer for tourists. Several of the old piers in the fishing village have been refurbished by artists and tourism companies. <Wikipedia)

A nice place to visit. Was in the village a couple of days, The restaurants offers excellent traditional food from the north, and accommodation in beautifully restored old buildings.

Picture from A day In NYksund

Best regards

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These pictures are really dope, and it seems they are without editing right?

Is the village that small? I can see more waters and hills than houses. What could be the estimated population of the place currently?


Thank's so much @tezzmax for nice comment and curiosity. The population today, I think less than 20 living there al year, in the past a couple of hundred, my be moore during the fishing season.


Just 20 people? That's so little man!

the city is very unique, it has been abandoned for decades, it is still standing strong, I am very happy to see this post, thank you for sharing, @karja


Than's so much @marcojon for pleasant comment

The red colour stands out! Beautiful blue sky! Very calm water.


Thank's so much @kaminchan for nice comment


Thank's so much @nehakhan778

This is great article sir. Excellent photography and really look. thank for sharing.
Have a nice day.


Thank's very much @goldcoin for pleasant comment

Reminds me of the fishing village I visited in Patagonia Chile. Like almost perfectly opposite part of the hemisphere.... hence same weather, same looking buildings (with the European Influence in Chile) and right there on the water. Very nice post. Keep them coming! :)


Thank's so much @world-travel-pro for pleasant comment. Where people are fishing the environment must be pretty much similar.

@karja, you pictures clarity always mesmerizing me.
I must say you are an excellent photographer. Stay blessed and keep sharing such beautiful pictures.


Thank's so much @pulook for nice comment. I always do my best, have a nice day.


@karja , Apart from all the pictures I like third picture of Narrow streets and old houses and Flower in old iron picture the most. First picture seems to be a dream world and flowers(new beginning) looks so beautiful and wanted to say every ending (old iron) has a new beginning. All pictures captured beautifully.


Thank's so much @sduttaskitchen for pleasant comment


It always being a pleasure to visit your post @karja

I first learned about this interesting place. Thank you @karja for the great photos


Thank's very much @always1success for pleasant comment

This old fisher man village is very beautiful with many interesting things to see. The blue sea, the blue sky, and the white clouds in your photos are my favorites. The old houses look great. The seagulls are cute and the fish head is amazing. The flowers are gorgeous. The statue of the monk (spiritual) is magnificent. The orange and yellow colors are bright and attractive.

Great capture! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)


Thanks a lot mr @tangmo for pleasant commenting


You're welcome! ;)

Beautiful place


Thank's so much @ponpase for attention

It's a very beautiful and clean place.


Thank's so much @jasonmunapasee for comment


You're welcome, I'm glad to see the beauty in your blog.

Sir your post is Very inspiring. I've learnt alot from you.


Thank's so much @eshacheema786for comment


You' re welcome


Thank's so much @æmuthmainnah


I hope you are well @karja.

I really wanted to live there
Away from all this stress ...

very beautiful whats the weather and temperature like there?