Walking for coffee


A gray weather day walk

The first part of the trip through old deciduous forest up to more open mountain landscape. In the north we are happy for every day without rain and wind. So we have to take care of what we get, a nice day for a walk in the mountains. Some pictures from yesterdays coffee making trip.


Along a small calm floating river


Through the old birch forest


Higher up marshland and mountain forest


The goal for the trip, a small lake in the mountains

Lakeside coffee break. Soon the coffee is finish, excellent and tasty




Fresh yellow in the forest


The small river became to a small waterfall

A little walk in the summer mountains

Best regards

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  ·  작년

Hello dear friend @karja good afternoon
What a beautiful place you have chosen to stop and taste an exquisite cup of coffee. I appreciate very much that you let us know these beautiful photographs
that you enjoy it a lot
I wish you a prosperous week

Nice trip sir, the place is also cool and beautiful

  ·  작년

It was very pleasant when I was there, the green color of the leaves of the trees fascinated the eyes and I loved seeing the unspoiled forest. enjoying a cup of coffee in the middle of the forest is very pleasant without having to see crowds of people and listen to the noise of vehicles. resteem let everyone see this very perfect nature @karja

Nice trip with a small forest view that is still natural, to create a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee, have a nice day friend @karja

Forest pictures are excellent @karja , you have captured them beautifully. I only see this kind of adventurous trip on discovery, thank you for sharing , I am feeling thrilled.

This is very fun for me.
I really like things like this.
Moreover, cooking by the river and eating together while traveling in the forest.
Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it @karja.

Nice walk🙌🏼 thanks for sharing

It is definitely adventurous to have such picnic outside on fresh air just in the forest. You probably felt charged with energy both your body and mind :) By the way what was cooking in on open fire?

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  ·  작년

Beautiful forest! It looks relaxing with a lot of trees and it's nice for walking indeed.

It would be an excellent moment with a cup of hot coffee among wonderful atmosphere like this. The small river and the small waterfall make the area look refreshing. I love the wild yellow flowers. Very gorgeous!

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

This is an awesome outdoor coffee place.
Resteemed :-)

  ·  작년

Enjoying moment

muy lindas fotografías amigo Karja, linda cascada, saludos desde venezuela

A very creative place for coffee. Especially in these times of isolation!
Beautiful place!

What a beautiful picture to depict the nature @karja

Oh my God
These pictures are so beautiful that I saw myself there ...