Walking in the green

11개월 전

Water landscape

Nice and warm weather in the south of Norway. Have been busy with vacation last weeks in the capitol of Norway Oslo. You can not just relax. A certain amount of activity is a necessity. Pictures from a one hour trip in a water landscape. A lake, river and waterfall and swampland.

The path into the green


A small waterfall hidden in the woods: The goal for the walk, a sip of water then back again.


Swamp land, looks like a jungle




Tiny red at distance:


Red and closer

Red and delicious, a handful of strawberries on the road home


Happy and smiling

Best regards from the North*

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The beautiful landscape


Thank's so much @muthmainnah for comment


Thanks so much @tipu


Thank's so much @ravenkim

Very beautiful natural scenery, all pictures look very clear.


Thank's so much @pecintabunga20 for comment

Everything is rally green, that means there was enough rain this time. Strawberries look very delicious :)

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You are right, where there a lot of green there is also a lot of rain. Scotland looks green? Much rain?
Thanks so much @stef1 for pleasant comment and nomination.

Amazingly beautiful green emerald forest!! This is magical! So different from winter scenery! LoL


Thank's so much @kaminchan for nice comment. Green from the rain white from the snow that is the normal situation in the north


You are so lucky that there’s no virus politics in your country! Here politicians and doctors are getting richer while ordinary people are suffering.

Beautiful walk among the greenery! The area looks relaxing and the small waterfall looks refreshing.

"Swamp land, looks like a jungle", I totally agree! It looks very nice atmosphere.

The red house contrasts with the green trees perfectly.

The red strawberries are beautiful and look delicious. I'm a strawberry lover!

The happy and smiling tree is cute....

Great capture! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)


Thank's so much @tangmo for pleasant comment


My pleasure! ;)

how are you dear friend @karja good night
What a beautiful place you have visited, ideal to rest and lower stress levels. congratulations on the beautiful shots, I love that you found that smiling face
Enjoy the weekend


Thank's so much @jlufer for nice comment, have a good day

You have captured mesmerizing pictures @karja , it always gives a pleasure to went to through your post.
Please may I know did you take delegation?
I am new here and didn't know much, please if possible guide me 🙏


Thank's so much @pulook for nice comment


It's always been a pleasure to visit our blog, keep sharing. Stay blessed @karja

@karja ,It seems that you travel to the heaven, nature always fulfill our all needs but I wish all humans can understand the importance of nature. It always gives pleasure that you love nature and captured her beauty so well.
Are you on discord? Please let me know if possible 🙏


Thank's again @sduttaskitchen for pleasant comment. Yes, I'm on discord but not so clever about how to use, will se if I can find you.


Please @karja once you fine me ping me need to talk.

@karja, Amazing photographs . The happy and smiling photo is the best.


Thank's so much mr @lother68 for nice comment

Beautiful waterfall and great photos.


Thank's so much @danilop for nice comment

Green is always a blessing!!!


Thank's so much @thimalteb for comment

It's a beautiful and cool place.
Thank you for sharing.


Thank's so much @jasonmunapasee for nice comment