Advent Drawing Challenge December 12, 2020 : Christmas Spice

3개월 전


Hi there my lovely and creative friends,

It is the 12.12 today Yay!. Thank you for your participation and support for this drawing challenge. Makes me feel the warmth really just looking at your festive and beautiful drawings. This is my third drawing for this round of Whiff Of The Yuletide Season. Today I am depicting the prompt: Christmas Spice. Here the little fox is crafting some stars using oranges. He used them as part of his window decor to add some spice to the air. He also boiled some cinnamon sticks and put them in a jar and placed it on the window. Fresh citrus scent and cinnamon that is the whiff of Christmas for me. How about you guys what sort of aroma or scent remind you of Christmas? I am sure you got something to share. Why not draw it and join this Advent Drawing Challenge?.

If you are late and want to catch up you can find the other prompts on Draw A Day Community. Let us engage and support each other. I can't wait to see how you interpret this theme with your own entries. Here I attached the copy of the drawing prompt for your reference. Do not forget to share it with your followers and friends so they too can participate. Have a great day and enjoy creating. Looking forward to a beautiful and bright season. Cheers to you all and your family.


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