Advent Drawing Challenge : Hot Sip

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Hi my friends and creative community,

We start the Advent Drawing Challenge 2020 today and the prompt is Hot Sip. Indeed the season is changing and mostly we do experience the cold weather now. What better way to welcome it than a hot cup of your favorite drink right?. Here my drawing shows a fox enjoying his hot cup of coffee inside his cozy living room in front of the fire place. The weather is getting colder so he put on his favorite red scarf and start sipping his coffee. Such a lovely new character I made today delighting in the comfort of his own cottage feeling warm and cozy. His warm socks on and his nice coat to match. What a warm feeling it should be.

How do you interpret the prompt today? I know you can come up with creative ideas and have fun just like how I had such a relaxing moment while creating this calming picture. I'm sharing this with you hope you like it. If you want to participate in this fun challenge you may visit the Draw A Day Community and see the daily drawing prompts. While you are at it might as well subscribe, engage and have fun.

I can't wait to see your entries.
Here I attached the copy of the drawing prompt if you would like to participate in this fun challenge. Have a great day and enjoy creating. Looking forward to a beautiful and bright season. Cheers.

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