Advent Drawing Challenge Prompts December 5 to 9, 2020

3개월 전

Hello Creative Community,

I am starting this Advent Drawing Challenge 2020 on this day December 05, 2020. I prepared a drawing prompt for you guys who would like to participate and for those who are looking for ideas to draw on this merriest season of all. Speaking of which we will start with the theme that has to do with the changing of the season. All five prompts for each day somehow tells of the said change in the season. This is the first set of prompts and ready for the rest of them. I hope I can complete all days until the 25th but if you have suggestions let me know so I can include them.

I'm sharing this with you hope you like it. If you want to participate in this fun challenge you may visit the Draw A Day Community and see the daily drawing prompts. While you are at it might as well subscribe. ngage and have fun.

I can't wait to see your entries.

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