1st October: steem power up day.

2개월 전

My participation in the steem power up day


It my first time to participate in the power up contest by @kiwiscanfly.

I have been keeping my steem for this day. Now it finally here, so am going to power all the steem in my account




This is my account before the power up. I had 24.005 steem in my wallet and i powered it all.




Now this is how my account looks like after the powerup. It seems 1 steem = 1 steempower.

Am very happy right now, after i powered up. I want to thank @kiwiscanfly and @stephenkendal for this good energy they are sharing on steem.

Good day to all steemians.

am happy to announce that Nigeria is 60 today


I want to use this opportunity to wish my country nigeria, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY it now 60years since nigeria won her independence.

Wish Nigeria greater heights and pray for our leaders to manage the country better than they are doing now.

Happy power up day and happy indepndence day! NIGEEIA

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Hey thanks for powering up some Steem power on #spud4steem day, to be eligible for prizes you need to have 100 Steem in your wallet prior to entering - you had 91

I was just checking out your blogs and its good to see you consistently posting - keep that up as Steemit is more a marathon than a sprint.

Keep steeming and keep posting


I was waiting for this day to power up. I knew i was not qualified, but i wanted to power up on this day

You must have at least one hundred Steem in your account, then you can increase your power for #supd4steem contest.

#spud4steem - 1st October 2020

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The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced soon after the 1st October.

Good luck.