The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 81) "we are testing our new community WORLD OF XPILAR". Rescue II


@xpilar brings us a beautiful image with lots of blue and green. A sea that seems to be very calm. The ship left me dazzled by the details.

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Digital art made by @xpilar
Be creative, Make a good story out of my digital picture

Digital art made by @xpilar


Rescue II

The legend of our ancestors tells that we are from a world that was flooded 200 years ago. The few survivors were rescued, they founded the current society on this planet which they named MAKAO. The planet had already been located and inhabited, when the survivors arrived. The civilization was formed by scientists, researchers and doctors. They helped all those who managed to arrive alive, as some died on the journey.

I have heard this story since I entered school, it is our life, our legacy. I have always been passionate about history and I was looking for more, so I studied marine sciences. Today I am a researcher at the Universal Planet Center.

A week ago, life signs were received from the flooded planet. This caused a great stir, because the signal was received intermittently. Now it's continuous.

The great monarch @xpilar, the oldest of the entire population, recognized the signal and immediately initiated the rescue protocol.

The rescue ships were modified many years ago by the same @xpilar who directed the construction of the mother ship that brought the survivors. Modifications were made to the original plans; two large ultraviolet sensors capable of detecting life were placed on both sides. The number of supports was increased to increase its stability on the water. The surface is spherical to achieve greater stability when reaching the speed of light. The hibernation chambers are in the center anchored to the ceiling.

When the hatch was opened where the ships were, I was impressed by their size. I'm excited. I'd like to participate in the rescue. Tomorrow they'll establish the protocol and choose the personnel.

In the research center nobody has slept because the signals are continuous, the protocol was advanced and the ships will leave in four hours. When I saw my name on the list @mafalda2018 I could not believe it, I will collect samples of the water, vegetation and animals if there are any.

What a thrill...

We're on this huge green sea with blue reflections, we've been looking for hours. We finally got close to the signal.
I could not believe that a civilization of our kind had survived in a mountainous area, and the sea threatened to flood again. Among the survivors were the brothers of the great monarch @xpilar; @Sultan-Aceh and @Art-Venture.

A beautiful little world, it replicates our own. The difference was the vegetation of the rainforest, with rivers and waterfalls. Birds of various species, dogs, cats, horses, among others. I had to work fast to be able to take a sample home.

It was worth so much work because we achieved our goals.

When the ship was flying over the sea before starting the protocol to reach the speed of light, I could observe the beautiful green sea with blue shades that was apparently calm.


Until the next convocation, they are loved.

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Digital art made by @xpilar

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Hi @mafalda2018

Woow, great story.
Like a good movie



Hi @mafalda2018

Excellent story, I liked how he used the image elements of @xpilar to make sense of his dramatic composition.


Thank you for your visit and support, I like the digital images of @xpilar and I am inspired by them.
A brotherly hug.

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Excelente historia inspirada en el estupendo arte que nos ofrece @xpilar. Gracias por compartir, querida @mafalda2018. Te dejamos nuestro apoyo.

¡Somos Club12!.

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¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!


Gracias amigas por el apoyo.
un abrazo.