How I Learned To Meditate

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to talk about meditation. And I am pretty sure many people might be thinking… “Ahh!! Meditation is not my thing, I can’t stay still.” Some people even think, “I am already in a peaceful state. I don’t need to meditate."

I completely agree with everyone, as everyone has different perspectives. And, to be frank, I was also among those people who think meditation is not their thing. The people who used to say to me, “Manisha start meditation” and blah blah blah about meditation… all of that was like a boring lecture to me.

But, today things have changed. And so have I. Today I am going to share my experiences of meditation and the changes I have seen in myself over time.

My Side of The Story

Initially, I started with deep breathing meditation just for about 5-6 minutes, which felt really relaxing. I continued this for a few months. I felt that that much was enough for me as I am not a person who gets into any kind of stressful work or relationship :-p. After a few months, I left the practice. But almost immediately, I started noticing changes in me. I started feeling low, irritated and demotivated. So, I was like, ‘what is wrong with me? I am doing everything that I love and I have everything that I want, but still I am not feeling that happiness from within.’

After a few days of introspecting, I thought to start with my morning deep breathing meditation again. That was the moment when I realised that even meditating for about 5-6 minutes can have a strong impact. Then, I started trying different types of meditation available on YouTube. I really liked the guided ones, as it becomes easy to follow and things feel less distracting.
But, simply closing my eyes and meditating never worked for me. I used to be like, ‘what should I do? Thoughts do come and then, I start thinking about it all.. it’s like closing my eyes and overthinking ..haha.'

Gradually, I understood that thoughts will come, and it is okay to let them come… and “let them go”. This letting go is the main thing. With regular practice, we can all come to let go of our thoughts and that’s when we actually learn to meditate.

That was all about my experiences. Do share yours so we all can learn and motivate each other.

Thank You:)

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I believe you need to be ready, or else it will be impossible! I used to meditate during my yoga sessions, for the past few years I have no time to meditate but it is something that I know will come back to me soon!
Thanks for sharing your experience 🙏😊


I agree, one need to be ready. Hope you get back to it soon:)