Meditation : The Life Changer

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In my previous post, I talked about how I learned to meditate and the meaning of mediation in my life. Today, I am going to share how mediation can bring changes in our life and what changes I have personally experienced in me.

Before meditation, I was someone who reacted quickly in any situation and a little aggressive kind of a person. I even used to judge people at times and come to conclusions really soon.

After doing meditation on a regular basis for about 25-30 days, I noticed a little stillness within me. I was really worried about what’s happening with me. “How can I be so carefree and not tensed even in a problematic situation? How can I be so relaxed and calm?”, I started questioning myself.

Then, I realised due to regular meditation, I developed stillness within me. And, I was not tensed in problematic situations because my full focus was on search for the solution. I was calm so that I can make the right decision at the right time.

Now, I look into broader perspectives in any situation and try to understand people or any situation from different perspectives and accept them as they are rather than assuming and ordering how they should be.

Meditation has brought more clarity in me. It helped me to be more focused and effectively utilise my time and resource. With regular mediation, I have even noticed changes in my health. My migraine pain has reduced about 70-80%, and I feel more active and energised than ever.

So, for me, meditation has been my life changer. Do share your experience below, so that we all can learn and motivate more people to meditate.

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This is so true. Meditation helps us develop so many things within us. :)

You have written a wonderful article. In your post about meditation, I like your opinion. Peace of heart is the real life of a human being.

@manisha.jain9 you are so right about meditation it gives peace and calm to your mind and body I started meditating about 2 or 3 years ago but not so constantly as I started doing it after the pandemic started, I try to meditate as much as possible during the day because every time it makes me feel really good, I hope everybody does it, is not easy I know but not so hard either, namaste!