Beauty of A Ocean's Sunset Scene in My Drawing.


Hi there.

It's me again back amongst you with another artwork of mine.

I hope that you all are doing fine by the grace of almighty.

My today's drawing is about a small island in the middle of an ocean and the beautiful sunset scenery that can be seen from it.


The beauty of nature has always attracted me. I always loved to enjoy the beauty of nature while sitting in a silent place in nature alone and enjoy it. And a place like this is more than enough to get this full feeling. I got the idea of this drawing from a trip I made last year. There I saw a similar place like this in a middle of a huge lake. It was so beautiful. And in this drawing, I've added a boat and the sunset scenery and made it a scenery of an ocean instead of a lake. I hope that you will also like my work.

Now, let's see the steps of my work.

First I drew the frame and the structure of my drawing using a 4B pencil.

And then I finished the coloring part step by step. To colorize it I used watercolor and 3 different sized brushes.

Final Part

I hope you liked my work. See you again in my next post with new artwork.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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