Drawing of a Sad Lonely Girl and Beautiful Nature.


Hi There.

How are you?

I hope that you're having a good day and doing well. Welcome to my blog.
Today, I'm sharing my drawing of a sad and lonely girl sitting in an open field alone.


Drawing is one of the easiest ways of explaining one's feelings. From ancient times, men have used this way of communication. Also, it helps to bring up the real artist hidden inside on someone.
To me, it's not just a way of communication. It helps me to clear my mind, get a refreshment, and also explaining myself.
If you're a regular reader of my blogs, you should already know how big a fan I'm of nature. It feels so good to be sitting somewhere open, alone, with cold wind breezing around me. It feels like, life couldn't be better. It feels more amazing at night. Mainly in a full moon night with billions of stars shining in the sky.
There's just a problem, I'm not allowed to be out at night. So, I just enjoy the scene by imagining it. Sometimes by sitting at the side of the window.
This is what I tried to explain in my drawing. I hope that you like my work.

I'm also putting images of the steps of completing my work below.






IMG_20210315_165820 (1).jpg





The Final Step. First Part.

This was actually the final step of my artwork. But then My brother suggested me to make the whole ground green. Told me that it'd make it look better. So, I edited it and made the final step.

Final Step:


It took me two hours to complete the drawing. I used watercolor and two small-size brushes to draw it.
I really hope that you've liked my work. See you in my next post. Sooner I'll be back with another work among you.

Thanks a lot for your time and your patience.

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