Drawing of Splinterlands's Monster. Prince Julian.


Hi Everyone.

Today, here I'm again with another one of my artworks. This one is a drawing of a monster of splinterlands. Named Prince Julian


As I said before, I'm trying to be regular on steemit. And by this I mean, posting my works in an exact schedule. I'd also love to submit a post daily. But, as most of you know that making a new drawing daily and posting it isn't that easy job to do. I've tried to do it. But, it only makes your post/artwork quality lower and that obviously does nothing good to you. Also, I thought I can share one post every 2 days and that wouldn't be much of a problem. But, we got a new notice from our government about opening our educational institutions and starting our exams those were pending till now. So, not it's high time that I should focus on my study.

Now, making a drawing normally takes me about 2 hours to fully complete it. Also, I take some break if I include it'll be almost 2and half of an hour. And to do drawings of splinterlands takes me more time than any other drawings. Sometimes it takes me almost 4hours of working time to complete it.

You may think that what's the big deal in drawing something that you're actually coping with from the original one. My friend, if you really want to make your redrawing,copy-drawing/fan-art just as a quality full as the real one. Believe me, it'll take more afford in it. Because, when I draw something I draw it from my mind. I first create a picture in my mind, colorize it and bring up a view. And then I try to visualize it in my drawing. In that case, I can draw whatever I want. I wouldn't have to worry about making it exactly the one I was thinking to make or keep the details as I thought. It's my creation and I can give it any type of look that I want to. Right?

Now, when you're re-drawing something specific. You're gonna need to keep it exact. If people find anything changed in it, they'll probably question the artist's observation skills or they'll take it as a mistake. So. you need to be kind of alert of making any mistakes. And in this part, keeping the details and the size of the various parts of the drawing exact or keeping the ratio of the exact is so much tough. So, that's what costs me extra time. And that's the reason I can't become regular. Because it costs me so much time that it is affecting my study. I know for someone like me whose only earning source is hive, it's important to keep my blog updated by posting regularly. But, it's a board exam. It's going to be one of the biggest achievements of my life. So, until my exam ends, I'm not so sure of being regular on hive but I promise that I'll be posting my work whenever I get any free time and I'll try my best to manage this time.

Now, let's talk about my drawing. This drawing is to join the art contest. And by sharing the link of this post in my Reddit and Twitter account I'm also participating in their social media challenge. If you feel interested to join them and also learn about them you can follow the link that I've given up here. And if you want to join splinterlands and play this amazing game, you can use my referral link to join.

In my drawing, I've used a 2B pencil, a 4B pencil, a marker pen, three brushes, and my watercolors. And yeah also A4-sized offset paper.

My Steps:




I have to stop here, it's already 7am in the morning here. I have to start my study. I had a lot more to talk about. I hope I can talk about it in my next post. And I also hope that you've liked my post and art. I'll see you again in my next post with a new drawing.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

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