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Achchalamu Alaikum and Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

By the grace of God, I am well. You may be fine too. I have known about Steemit for over a year and have worked fairly well. However, I could not work for some time due to lack of time.


I introduced my little identity to you.

Hellow everyone, I'm Masud and I'm 23 years old. I'm Bangladeshi.I am a student. I study bbs. My favourites subjects are History and Arts, I love this subjects because I'm always in contact with books and I love books, they're my life! I like to read especially romance and fantasy books. I love Honest man, mainly One Direction and Skrillex, my favourites players are "BOOB BOOB SHAHID AFRIDI". My biggest dream is playing cricket in Bangladesh cricket team!


I am in this steemit by the help of 1year ago @toufiq777


My Favorite

I love to play cricket. I miss cricket very much even though I don't have much time now. I like to travel, but I like to travel alone. Because if you go around alone, you can go around as you like. You love to see natural beauty and wings. I like it a lot when I can benefit someone. But today, when I go to benefit others, my own loss is more. I love those who have forgotten me today by being happy today. I love them because I have treated them well before. I like to listen to the advice of good people, but only if the advice sounds good to me.
I use facebook , twitter and instragram . Facebook is widely used in my country. It's so easy to use and keep in touch with people.But twitter is not popular like facebook in my country. But I have twitter account bcoz almost all of the celebrities use twitter more than facebook. Google chrome is my favourite app. I love travelling.I can find alot of beautiful and incredible photos on facebook. I can search beautiful places to take photos in other countries from facebook.It helps me alot . That's why I love it.


I work in a shop besides studying. The job of that shop is photocopying, working in Photoshop, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, scrapers, files, envelopes, tapes, paper, flexiload, development, all online work, mobile, charger, cable , PIN, Memory, Pen Drive, Gum, Battery, Earphones etc.

My wrking place


Thanks to @steemitblog

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Hi @masud1
welcome to Steemit
thank you for posting your introduction in the WORLDOFXPILAR Community

1.Improve your writing, in the future
2.Use the link below the image, if the image you took on google. for example:

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3.Follow @steemitblog 1000 DAYS OF STEEM: The Diary Game. maybe there you will find, curator of your country's community.

so other people, can find, through your tagg ok

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