The Last Prayer - Pen Drawing


"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of the dead, I fear no evil."


This is a scribble sketch of a person who is about to embark on a rough journey, a very dangerous one. Now, he's having his last praying before departing. His hands are claps together while his eyes are closed as he holds the a necklace with a cross sighs and muttered some words.

Just with simple lines and scribbles, I created this piece. I started out by initiating the idea and jotting it down with pencil.

Thereafter, I overlay it with pen as I was satified with last sketch after adjustments.

Then, I started building my forms.

And here's the final piece.

Thank you.

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Extraordinary work, a work of art.

This could be the illustration for one scene of an historical novel, you experiment an interesting style on this work, great ambience and attitude!! Best vibes for your projects, Marcus!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!


Yeah, that would be a nice illustration for a historical story and even a novel.
Thank you friend.

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