Art-Venture Photography contest: "Twin Stone Stairs”.

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Hello my Friends,
this is both my first entry and my first participation in the Art-Venture Contest.

I hope you like my choice.
I wanted to share this photo in which there are two stone stairs facing each other, which frame a beautiful landscape: a medieval village surrounded by nature.

It is one of the many Italian medieval villages that keep intact the footsteps of time and give visitors the opportunity to take a pleasant dip in the past.

If you want to participate read the Art-Venture Photography contest: “TWO: TWINGS” original post.

This is an original pic of mine, I used my Nikon Coolpix 520 and Pixlr Editor Tool for editing.

Town of Old Calcata, Lazio - Italy.

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Thank you @mikitaly for your submission, nice old buildings with foot steps, good that they are still preserved. Thank you for participation :)

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Thanks a lot.