Blitz contest -Guess the pazzle- round XIII


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Blitz contest -Guess the pazzle-

Hello my dear!

My last puzzle turned out to be too easy to solve. Immediately after the publication, the correct answer appeared in the comments. The participant @mchandra guessed the title of the film and deciphered several images from the collage. Prize - 3 steem
However, two aspects remained hidden from the participants.

  • Who is this man with glasses?
  • And why are peanut butter and chocolate in the puzzle?

If you explain this, you win a prize!

The prizes for next round:
1st place - 3 steem
2nd place - 2 steem
3rd place - 1 steem

I remind you that the puzzle from round VI remains unsolved!
1st place - 3 steem

the puzzle from round X remains unsolved!



It's very easy! Solve the puzzle and take the prize!

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post!
  • Only one attempt per participant


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Hola @mister-omortson, la película "El Asalto al Tren de Glasgow" , según a las pitas que diste, esta película fue en Inglaterra , Los símbolos indican que es de allí y a las postales y el tren, indican que es un tren postal. Por eso llegue a esta conclusión. Que es la Película "El Asalto al Tren de Glasgow".



Your attempt is registered!

Felicitaciones @mchandra estupendo trabajo al recordar episodios de la película y detectar detalles de ella.

Ese edificio me recuerda una pelicula de Sean Connery Supergolpe en Manhattan, donde quieren robar dinero, obras de artes y otros valores, por eso los planos. El tren no lo recuerdo en verdad. Lagonda es la marca de vehiculos que aparece con mucha frecuencia en las películas de bond con Connery.




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I'm gonna go for a different answer.

The images relate to Agatha Christie's Poirot TV series

  1. Art is engraved in Midland Hotel used in Double Sin episode
  2. Building is Florin Court used as Whitehaven Mansions which is the residence of Poirot
  3. Alphabets refer to the ABC Murders episode
  4. Lagonda is the car brand used by Mr Poirot
  5. Train image and one of the stamp is the reference to Murder on the Orient Express episode
  6. Floorplan is the floor plan of Whitehaven mansions for seasons 1-5

Not sure about necklace and the police images. :-)


Your attempt is registered!


My dear friend @mchandra))) maybe the point is... where these cops are from? ;-)

  1. That,s the hole in defence)
  2. How do you recognise it?)
  3. Why not
  4. Not Poirot, but no less elegant gentleman!
  5. There are many stamps with trains)
  6. Are,nt you architect?

Thank you very much, I am willing to take part in this competition.