Original promo-steem contest: call for sponsors and discussion of the idea

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!

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"Original contest promo-steem: call of sponsors and discussion of the idea"

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the 1000 daysofsteem

Recently, @stephenkendal has been trying to push the message out for more people on #Steem to run their very own Competitions with Prizes.

Not bad Idea!

I would like to propose an original competion. The essence of the competition is extremely simple: the participant needs to take a selfie! What could be easier? Yes, perhaps too simple. Let's add a couple of conditions!


Rules of competition:

  • The participant can post his selfie in the commentary under the anchor post or make a post and give a link to it
  • The participant must take a selfie with the Steem logo
  • The participant must take a selfie either against the background of the symbol of his city/village/country, or against the background of some well-known/little-known landmark. If this is not possible, participant can use a picture/poster/photo wallpaper of those. Any creativity is welcome!
  • The participant does not need to upvote, resteem the initial post or update post
  • The participant need to use #promo-steem and #promo-selfy tag
  • If possible the participant could share the type of your camera, settings that he used for the picture
  • The participant can submit up to only one entry


About sponsors

@stephenkendal wrote he would be happy to Sponsor with 10 SBD. That,s cool, but not enough to attract the mass of the participants
I am asking @steemitblog @xpilar for support for the contest!

About judging

I am asking @stef and @axeman to to help me with the judging

About nominations

I offer several prize nominations:

  • People's Choice Award. Determined by calculating the maximum number of votes
  • The Grand Prix. Determined by the judging of the competition according to the following criteria: originality, aesthetics, skill and others
  • Prize for the most ridiculous selfie. Determined by by the judging
  • Prize for the funniest selfie. Determined by by the judging

The sponsor can propose his own nominations. You welcome!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



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Have a witness !BEER

participant must take a selfie with the Steem logo

oh! what a shiny brand and original idea it is!!! i wish you success and a lot of brilliant clicks in the entries. PS. obviously its not about photography, so you dont need pro photographers as judges in this contest

Я даже предвижу кто победит: КПЖуравлёлва , б-ггг.


Ну, кстати я бы отдался без всяких условий, если честно)


Ха! Когда "без всяких условий"-на, так и мы - чукчи - готовы без очереди-на.

Hi @mister-omortson, that is great Idea, from our side we will be sponsoring with 20 Steem, will transfer tomorrow. I also have asked @steemitblog to support the contest.

Hope there will be more people joining, the only I have not seen is Deadline of the contest.

Also what I thought you may translate it into Russian too, someone from there might be interested too :)


At first I am happy you supported me!
Deadline is,nt so important. The main thing is the answer from @steemitblog and @xpilar
About translate into russian... we are about 1 or 5% from others. And it,s normally. So in any case if everything goes well with sponsors I will solve this problem))))

Take your time with the transfer!

I'm in for the judging, maybe fun :)


I predict you will be judging the creativity of the steem-logo' craftsmenship, hehe

This is a great idea @mister-omortson, I will sponsor the competition with 20 steem and you will get a good upvote now at approx. $ 20 from our World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail


Super! So I start it


I am very upset :( This day there is not any participant in the competition! This has never happened before :-(

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Интересная идея) Долой лифтолуки. Вперед в центр города к достопримечательностям)

Me parece un excelente concurso ya que eso de los selfie ,está de moda en todas partes del mundo , se que tendras unas muy buenas presentación , hay muchos lugares que identifican a nuestros países en todo el mundo y se que te gozarás de ver todos esos lugares hermosos buen concurso @nklm.

#onepercent #venezuela


Да! Коллега! @nklm !!
Вот так и приходит слава к дуракам, б-ггг...


А всё потому что Слёзы и полынь - Clasico Sirah от Ventisquero