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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!




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Photo of the week #48

Dear steemians

Today we are moving on to the topic of travel. What do we bring from travel? Souvenirs! Share a photo of Souvenirs with us!
Today we offer you the theme "The Souvenirs"


Well... theme of next week is -The Souvenirs- in any form!
Of course, you can post photos on any topic, but theme of the -The Souvenirs- will take priority




For now, let's pick the winners!

Congratulations to maestro @boddhisattva, who got the most upvotes.

Prize is 2 Steem!

Привет! Вот такая крыша нашлась

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the top of the favorits. The first one is... is... is... @xaviduran
Perhaps it is exactly what we wanted to see in this contest!!!
Amazing picture!
Prize is 3.5 Steem!

the spectacular roofs of Gratz, the capital of Styria in Austria

Silver is going to @o1eh
The most original photo on the topic
2.5 steem


Bronze is going to participant @strawberrry

2 steem

Иволгинский дацан, Бурятия

The participants listed below receive $teeM 1 each:

Фото от горячего эстонского парня... не совсем по теме, вернее совсем не по теме, но именно это фото произвело на жюри неизгладимое впечатление!

Следующим идет еще один спорщик, товарищ господина Бамбуки. Представленное автором фото показалось жюри немного темноватым и немного пресноватым... не хватает какой-то остроты что ли. Хотелось бы фото, чтоб можно было сказать - да, класс! Выдать ему пачку печенья!... и банку варенья...

Very nice photo. Soft colors and eye-pleasing scenery


"Hallstatt Rooftops" of @rut-ru


That,s all for today my dear! Unfortunately, nothing else caught our attention :-(
Please, be more active friends! More creativity, more imagination!

Competition start on 11 of August and ends on 18 of August (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


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Felicitaciones a los premiados. El viaje a España me está brindando unos extraordinarios escenarios para fotografíar. Gracias por el premio @mister-omortson.



Hermoso amiga.


Beautiful snail.


Hermoso mi querida @sacra97


Gracias mi querida @javima


Que bonito caracol. Saludos cordiales @sacra97


Gracias lo llevo de regalo. @mini80


Hermoso amiga suerte.

ура! моё любимое фото вошло:

соглашусь с выбором карточки из Граца, Штирия: это действительно "то, что хотелось" бы увидеть/снять самому.

и спасибо, впринимаю на себя обязательство порадовать в следующий раз чем то а) более светлым, бэ) более веселым веселящим, и цэ) вообще тем что нужно. или через раз, потому что с сувенирами чего-то не густо. они обычно в переходах у метро мне попадаются, а там темновато.

но тема ваще - огонь! супер. буду ждать чужих фоток.


Бодро, оптимистично... плюс положительное и спокойное восприятие чужого успеха - уважуха. Пойдёте к нам в жюри?))))


да! и кстати, на правах младшего готов бегать сдавать пустые бутылки, которые останутся после заседаний Почтенного Жюри!


И чистить воблу!


как воблу?... к коньяку -- воблу ?!!!
так, пожалуй, тогда мне надо еще подумать :))))


Thank you 🙌 ever so much @mister-omortson! It is always a pleasure to participate in your contests! A round of applause 💁‍♀️ for @qwerrie - you saying "favourite" to my entry means a lot to me! My crazy journey to the Jade Emperor Pagoda using just public transport right on arrival in Ho Chi Minh City on a very hot day (of course!) was totally worth it!


:) I truly envy you! to have those splendid visuals. (see, I dont travel at all myself...)


😱Thank you @qwerrie! I’m always happy to share my travel photos! I started travelling when I was a little kid with my grandfather. He was happy to take me with him on his work trips, local and international. He got me passionate about photography too. Today, years later, that’s still the case. He’s 88 years old now and doesn’t travel anymore, but he’s always happy to look at and comment on my photos!📸


A souvenir from Lepenski vir, a Neolithic civilization that is one of the oldest in the world.

Can be found at the site of Rajko’s Cave, Eastern Serbia.

This is a african mask from wood on a souvenir market in Uganda.



This is my first time seeing this mask.

I want to show you this souvenir from Dubrovnik, Croatia. A candle with a very particular and elaborate shape


A very beautiful candle!


Wow. it is a work of art.

Hi @mister-omortson! Thanks for assigning us another cool topic. Here is my entry: this market stall display of souvenir fridge magnets which I took photo of in the old town of Split in Croatia in June.


Here is also a link to my post📖

felicidades a los ganadores, aquí esta mi souvenir, estos muñecos tienen unos 19 años, estos son de una colección que tenia la leche Parmalat en aquellos años


son bebes vestidos de zorrillo, león y de gorila.



Los recuerdooo


antes tenia mas muñecos de pero esos son los que me quedan, y antes tenia el osito azul de la leche nestle


Lindos.....fueron buenos tiempos. Saludos cordiales.

Felicidades a todos los ganadores acá mi participación con mi souvenirs que me trajo mi vecina de regalo de Ecuador fueron los obsequios de su cumpleaños:

Manera como vino pero al quitarle la tapa de arriba

Y después se convierte en tres muñequitas hermosas


Una lindura de regalo


Bendecido día mi apreciada @sacra97 gracias si verdad es muy lindo. Saludos cordiales.

#affable #venezuela


Dolls 🥰


Bendecido día gracias si son hermosas Un abrazo.


Se ven muy cuchis.... gracias por compartir con nosotros. Saludos


Bendecido día amiga gracias para mi es un placer saludos cordiales.

Saludos amigos,felicidades a los ganadores con su techo.
Hola @mister-omortson cómo estás?

Souvenirs de Búhos de la Gran Sábana de Madera,de Mérida,de Oro la Cruz de Coco,de España de Cuarzo traídos por amigos de sus viajes.


Hermosos amiga suerte.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores...

Photo of the week #48

En la entrada de una tienda de souvenir en la Colonia Tovar Venezuela


I like it. Nice boat. Thanks for share with us!


Am so grateful for the selection, Thanks so much @mister-omortson and congratulations to all the winners.

Hooray! Thank you for your compassion for my brave climber :)
This time I read the topic more closely. Moreover, I made a whole post (for those who would like to see more of these marble souvenirs).
So, Ruskeala souvenirs.

Ура! Спасибо за сострадание к моему отважному альпинисту :)
На этот раз я более внимательно прочёл тему и старался даже ей соответствовать. Более того, сделал целый пост (для тех, кто захочет увидеть больше этих мраморных сувениров).
Итак, сувениры Рускеала.


How beautiful I love it. Congratulations.


Thanks so much @quiaratiby :)


Wow. unique souvenir for sure.

Сувенир на холодильник из города Нальчик

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-19 at 14.42.24.jpeg



Спасибо! Очень приятно 8)

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Hello, this is my entry for the "souvenir" competition... a float in the form of a Pretzel, the typical Munich sweet.


Thats really good collection and they are so beautiful.

Hello @mister-omortson, please find my entry for this contest below-

This is an unique souvenir from Puri, India. It is created by painting over a coconut shell. One coconut shell shows painting of three Hindu Gods.

Painting of God Jagannath

Painting of God Balaram

Painting of Goddess Subhadra

The tourists and devotees buy this and gift to their family and friends after returning from Puri.

The photographs are clicked by myself using my Redmi 9 Power mobile phone. As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have upvoted and re-steemed this announcement.

Competition start on 11 of August and ends on 18 of August (payout time)

Please correct the submission deadline.


Моё фото


Это ракушка


Let's try:

A souvenir shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The post: I Was Tired of Vietnam and Now I Miss Every Single Thing

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Hello! Thank you for appreciating the previous contributions. Here is my little souvenir from a business trip to Italy:


Nuestra emblemática Virgen Chinita, patrona de los Zulianos. En él se observa también el Puente Sobre El Lago de Maracaibo y detrás del Puente el sol, característico del calor de los Marabinos.
souveniers 049.jpg


Que hermosa suerte.

Hola, comparto con ustedes unas hermosas fachadas adquiridas desde el año 1.996, forman parte de la decoración de mi casa.

Felicidades a los ganadores acá mi participación con estos vasitos licoreros que me regalo una comadre cuando hace sus viajes uno es de Ecuador y el otro de Panamá.


Congratulations to all winners. Here is my entry: Christmas domes from Vienna