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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!



p r e s e n t s

Photo of the week #77

Dear steemians

We decided to continue the selection of peaceful life-affirming themes. Today we turn once again to a nature. Our topic for the next week - The Horses!

So... theme of next week is -The Horses- in any form!
Of course, you can post photos on any topic, but theme of the -The Horses- will take priority

Well am-m-m... now, let's pick the winners.
All the photos you sent are amazing! We decided to reward each participant as much as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Congratulations to @qwerrie, who got the most upvotes.
Prize is 1.5 Steem!
We found this photo to be the most interesting
This is exactly what we wanted to see in this round!!!

a young fieldfare thrush

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the top of the favorits.
The first one undoubtedly is... is... is... @yoedie

Prize is 2.5 Steem + trail upvote of @Xpilar


Silver is going to @eto-ka
2 steem + trail upvote of @Xpilar

портрет черного грифа из Московского зоопарка


Bronze is going to @sardrt
1.5 steem + trail upvote of @Xpilar


Three winners, please send a link to the post for which you want to receive a community @worldofxpilar upvote! Post must be created on WORLD OF XPILAR community

The participants listed below receive 0.5 $teeM:




The participants listed below receive 0.25 $teeM:

That,s all for today. Nothing else caught our attention :-(


Competition start on 05 of April and ends on 12 April of (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo


Sponsors! We need your support!

Please support this challenge!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



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Hello @mister-omortson, this is my entry


Girl and horse at Ibiza countryside.

Congrats to winning entries too - beautiful captures .

My entry for contest @mister-omortson :) Thank you!

horse gazing over fence res.jpg

Horse Gazing attentively over the Fence

Благодарствую за приз и мои поздравления всем!



Four things greater than all things are: women and horses and ...
check my post if you're curious about this quote.

Cavalli bianchi, in un giorno di festa.


Good morning @mister-omortson I would like to enter this week's horse contest with my photo of this gorgeous Gypsy horse which I photographed here in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England. This well-groomed horse enjoys the peace and quiet here surrounded by nature, listening to the birds sing. I love walking past to say hello when I am in the area but I have never fed it. It just seems happy grazing here. This is the link to my #steemexclusive post in the WORLD OF XPILAR #club5050 Gypsy Horses Have a nice day.


Good morning @mister-omortson Thank you ever so much for awarding my robin photo. Congratulations to @yoedie for getting the gold, the expression of the owl also caught my eye. Well done for receiving the most upvotes @qwerrie. I love the colours your image features, especially the pinkish background. It is lovely to see a peacock here @sardrt Congratulations to my friends @leylar and @apnigrich whose bird photographs also got a prize. Have a happy day Steeming 👩‍💻


thank you for the kind compliment! well, that was one of the best photos of the year 2021 for me, so it deserves some respect indeed.

have a nice day - namaste!


Many Thanks

Добрый вечер, @ mister-omortson, мой белый конь:

Полосатая лошадь :)

Фото сделано в сафари парке под Тель-Авивом, Израиль


Привет! Единственная лошадка в моем архиве:


Grazie mille!

Мои спасибочки!!!!

И вот моя лошадка мохноногая....




Да Вы, батенька, Хранцуз.


voyla! не, не потяну - лягушек не люблю. хотя к улиткам, сыру и вину неравнодушен 8-)


Не все хранцузы едят лягушек. Вот мои знакомые предпочитают баранину, вино и сыр! :)

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Спасибо за приз, @mister-omortson! Всем удачи!

Realmente habían muy buenas participaciones, espero participar con la foto del caballo.
Bendiciones 🙏🏻🇻🇪❤️

Hola mis amores, aquí dejo mi entrada para esta semana de publicación de envíos, espero sea de su agrado!!


Congratulations to you all.
And to @qwerrie, you really got an interesting picture for young fieldfare thrush

Looking forward for more of your images in this community.


well, WoX is the best community supporting photographers on Steemit blockchain, and may suggest a load of intresting ongoing contests to jump on. wish you the same; Steem on!


Exactly 💯

WoX is the best community supporting photographers on Steemit blockchain

Their support to steemians on this platform are very encouraging.

А вот и моя лошадка))


Que hermosa fotografía.
Bendiciones 🙏🏻🇻🇪❤️

Поздравляю всех победителей!
Спасибо большое за оценку и приз!
Собственно, пост с грифом и предлагаю, он 5-дневный.

Я городской житель. Вольных лошадок встретить трудно. Поэтому представляю красивую пару в упряжке.
Это снято в центре Вены. Повозки с лошадьми для туристов едут нескончаемым потоком.
Для меня было очень неожиданно, что в самом центре этого красивейшего города перекрывающим всё запахом будет запах лошадиного навоза. :D Хотя всё цивильно, у лошадок мешки подвешены, на мостовой ничего не валяется. Но...


Que bellas aves, me encanto el Búho ;)

Photo of the week #77

Son caballitos de madera para los niños, los venden en la carretera de Oriente - Venezuela.