Weekly challenge on Steem!!! Food photo / Week #72

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Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!




p r e s e n t s

Weekly food photo #72

This week is gone. The next began. That mean It is the to start our weekly challenge. Today it is very difficult for us to choose the best photos. You sent a lot of very interesting spectacular photos. So... Let's choose the best of the best!

At first we want to congratulate @bambuka, who got most number of upvotes.
Prize 2 Steem+WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote
Perhaps it was а photo that made the greatest impression!

мы вот по-простому, весной, на огороде...

Now the time has come to reward the authors whose photos were included in the collage in the top of the post. The first one is... is... is... a participant @wnfdiary

Impeccable geometry of the composition!

Prize is 2,5 Steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote
Our congratulations!


Silver goes to... @chrislybear
2 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


Bronze goes to.... to @eto-ka
1,5 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


фисташковый торт из ресторана Da Pino

1 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote

This spice board selected for a special signature cuisine

0.75 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


0.5 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


CHEEESE!!!! (with a cup of coffee)

0.25 steem + WORLD OF XPILAR trail upvote


The participant will get upvote on posts created in the WORLD OF XPILAR community

That,s all for today. Nothing else caught our attention :-(

Competition start on 18 of March and ends on 25 March (payout time)

The basic rules:

  • Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post
  • Use only your own photos! Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel yours qualification permanently
  • Add photo to initial post. The photo can be on any topic, of any quality. No restrictions (except violence and porn)
  • A participant cannot upvote his own photo

It's very easy! Grab your smartphones and take photos of everything edible around you! I am waiting for your photos!


We need sponsors!

And... we need some steem for prizes

That,s all for today!

Stand by

Sincerely yours



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Espectacular presentación


This is a random picture, but the feelings about it are quite specific) Thank you!


It looks like watercolor


Немного, но в целом собрано как коллаж из двух снимков в цвете и чб. Эксперементирую)


Impecable fotografia, exitos en el concurso.


Greetings @mister-omortson What a lovely food selection! I like @bambuka’s rustic image and @wnfdiary’s composition perfect photograph. This is a great tip of how to arrange the food which I as a non-professional photographer find very useful. I love @chrislybear’s burger so congratulations for winning the silver. Have a nice day and I better start considering what else to photo for the food contest.

Ура! Спасибо за 3 место!
Поздравляю всех победителей!

Утиная грудка для следующего этапа:

Оформила пост в WORLD OF XPILAR:


Muy buena selección de alimentos.



Through the Looking-Glass

Congratulations to the winners mentioned above. Mouthwatering dishes :)

My food photo for this weeks competition. Thanks @mister-omortson for providing these inspiring contests.

Hopefully we are all improving our skills, with constant participation .

Bake ste.jpg

Hearty Bake for Lunch


Saludos esta comida se ve muy sabrosa.


Thanks @alwin27 Yes it was a nice lunch dish and very satisfying :)

Добрый день, @mister-omortson!
Строганина из пеламиды - нарезанная стружкой замороженная рыба со специями. Отличная закуска к пиву.

Friends, I invite you to the KVARTAL Green Garden restaurant



Grazie amico mio! E' sempre un piacere partecipare al tuo contest!

Saludos @mister-omortson
Felicitaciones a los ganadores.



Que comida tan tentadora.


Muchísimas gracias @alwin27

Good afternoon @mister-omortson I hope you are well and having a wonderful Sunday. I would like to enter this week's food contest with a photo of beef, lamb and pork chops taken here in Covent Garden, London. This sharing platter is served on charcoal-grilled flatbreads. We ordered side dishes of beef dripping chips, ash roasted sweet potato and carrots with hazelnuts. This chop feast cost £22 per person. Here is also a link to my #steemexclusive post in the WORLD OF XPILAR #club5050 At The Chophouse (Power Up 17 Steem)


My entry food.


Fresh salad with white polao

Spinach pasta is highly recommended.
There are plenty of mushrooms and beef in the sauce, and the taste is very mysterious.

Very delicious. Here is my entry:


Saludos amigos

Para pasarla bien con Pan y Vino.


Sin duda una combinacion deliciosa.

A cake that can be eaten during Lent. It contains no milk, eggs or butter.

Торт, который можно есть во время поста. В нём нет молока, яиц и масла.

Grandioso concurso felicidades a los seleccionados!

Felicidades a los ganadores. Excelentes platos.

Hola amigos, felicitaciones para los ganadores de esta semana.

A continuación mi entrada.


Hello friend @mister-omortsom.
my entry to the delicious food plate competition.

Here's my participation photo

Natilla, un rico manjar, muy tradicional en mi país y sobre todo en mi estado, ideal para la merienda de los más pequeños de la casa.


Felicitaciones a los ganadores unos platos espectaculares.

best part is in HM section this time (imo).

The participant will get upvote on posts created in the WORLD OF XPILAR community

I still have a chance for this today?


Rica parrilla mixta mar y tierra, con su respectivo contorno, y buen provecho.


Una muy buena propuesta para participar.

Cheers! & Thanks!

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Wow! Thank you so much! <3