Panning Gold has Become a Source of Income for Residents Here



A few days ago, I went to West Aceh, this area is also one of the regencies in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The area is far from where I live, the journey to arrive in the area, I have to travel about 16 hours using public transportation vehicles. I left at night and arrived in the morning. When I arrived at my destination, I took a break to let go of fatigue during the trip.


After resting, I went to the river, which was not far from my inn. Initially, I thought the residents here only used the river to bathe and wash clothes. I am very curious to see the activities of these residents. I also approached residents by the river.


Well, when I reached the edge of the river, it turned out that the residents here were panning for gold seeds contained in this river. Despite the swift and turbid river flow, and the hot weather of the sun, they still sought and collected gold grains.



What is unique, to collect the gold granules, they only use traditional tools made of wood to roll the gold ore. Residents here call it (IDANG). You do this by shaking the sand in a pan or pond and giving water to separate the sand from gold dust taken from the riverbed. In this traditional way, according to them they are environmentally friendly and do not damage the gold ore obtained from the pan so that they can look for gold at any time.



Every day the residents here carry out this activity, according to one resident, they used to spend time looking for this gold ore around 3 to 4 hours. They carefully collected the gold seeds, then put them in a small bottle that had been prepared by them. As a result, they sell gold shops in their area. And the proceeds from the sale of pure gold ore, they buy the basic ingredients of their economic needs. Here are some photos of my personal documentation and I share it with all of you. Thank you for reading the story of my trip to see the activities of citizens here.


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